‘Big Brother’ villains: 7 men we love to hate, from ‘Evel’ Dick Donato to Paulie Calafiore

CBS’s long-running reality TV show “Big Brother” is notorious for casting villains that we all love to hate. Admit it, there’s just something so captivating about watching a bad guy manipulate or trash the other players summer after summer. Click through our photo gallery above to see our favorite “Big Brother” villains throughout the years, including these seven men below.

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin — Seasons 2, 7 and 14
One of two contestants to compete in three seasons of “Big Brother,” Mike “Boogie” somehow manages to be one of the biggest snakes and rats in the history of the game. No one has dominated the game quite like “Boogie” and his much more charismatic alliance member, Dr. Will Kirby. Even his biggest detractors will admit he was one of the best to ever play.

Justin Sebik — Season 2
Only lasting 10 days, Justin spent his brief time in the house threatening his fellow housemates. Longtime fans of the show will remember Justin as the infamous contestant who held a knife to a contestant’s throat and asked, “Would you get mad if I killed you?” Unsurprisingly, producers immediately expelled him from the house and he remains to this day one of the must unhinged and frightening players to ever compete.

‘Evel’ Dick Donato — Seasons 8 and 13
Without a doubt the biggest bully in the history of “Big Brother” that fans loved to watch was “Evel” Dick. He fought with just about every contestant at one point or another, even pouring iced tea on contestant Jen Johnson. As unrelenting as he was in his villainy, jurors awarded him the half a million prize and in his post-“Big Brother” life he has gained notoriety for feuding with other former contestants on Twitter.

Jessie Godderz — Seasons 10 and 11
Arguably the show’s most narcissistic player, the professional body builder developed a god complex throughout his run that resulted in a gang of minions at his beck and call. Ultimately Jesse’s cockiness was his demise and his eviction caused some of the biggest tantrums with his alliance members not knowing how to go on without him. Fans couldn’t get enough of the tongue-in-cheek meat-headedness and producers have constantly brought him back for cameos over the years.

Frankie Grande — Season 16
Entering the house with the secret of being Ariana Grande’s brother, Frankie mistakenly thought he would have the advantage of being the fan-favorite of the season. Audiences soon soured on Frankie after his repeated bullying behavior, for turning on his alliance members, and his repeat references to his Instagram followers.

Paulie Calafiore — Season 18
Entering the house as the older brother of former fan-favorite Cody, Paulie started the season as an early favorite but things quickly changed for the worse. He let his ego get the best of him and he used his muscle to intimidate the house into doing what he wanted and was quick to fight with any woman that challenged him. He started treating the game as a frat house and dug his own grave when he started intimating, bullying, and ridiculing the female contestants. America turned on Paulie and his housemates soon followed.

Jozea Flores — Season 18
For a brief shining moment Jozea was one of the most confounding players of last year. Without any real knowledge of the game he paraded around the house bossing contestants around and constantly declaring himself the “Messiah.” This strategy didn’t last long as he was the first houseguest to be voted out that season.

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