Alexander Skarsgard vs. Adam Scott: Which ‘Big Little Lies’ star has better shot at Supporting Actor Emmy?

Big Little Lies” is best known to audiences as a showcase for its women. Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman are major Emmy contenders for Best Movie/Mini Actress as a pair of affluent moms in Monterey, California, and Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley could contend in the race for Best Movie/Mini Supporting Actress. But which supporting actor stands out more? That’s what some of our forum posters are debating.

Alexander Skarsgard plays Perry Wright, the dashing husband of Kidman’s Celeste. Their passionate marriage is the envy of their social peers, but there is violent abuse just under the surface. Skarsgard has never been nominated for an Emmy before, though he did have a starring role in the Emmy winning HBO limited series “Generation Kill,” and he was a fan-favorite as the vampire Eric Northman in “True Blood,” so he has been on the radar before.

Adam Scott is on the other end of the spectrum as Ed Mackenzie, the supportive husband of Witherspoon’s Madeline, who wonders if his wife is as passionate for him as he is for her. Scott is also aiming for his first Emmy nomination, and like Skarsgard he may be considered due given his five seasons as Ben Wyatt in the critically acclaimed comedy series “Parks and Recreation.”

Scott undoubtedly has the more sympathetic role, which could help him win over Emmy voters, though academy members are sometimes drawn to villains, as they were when they awarded this category to James Cromwell for “American Horror Story: Asylum” in 2013. So does the devil or the angel have the better shot at Emmy for “Big Little Lies”? Check out some of the comments below, and join the discussion on this and more with your fellow TV fans in our forums.

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Sam: “Is Alexander Sarsgard’s role to dark to get a nod? It was by far one of the best performances this year but was it a bit too dark for voting members?”

jasonface: “Many here seem to pick at Alexander Skarsgard and his performance, but I thought it was pretty great. Nothing super special, but he was certainly effective as the attractive and volatile husband. I was so disgusted with him when he was violent but then felt tempted by his advances just like Celeste.”

Hunterbergfeld: “[Adam Scott is] overdue. It’s not like the voters don’t know who he is. He’s been on ‘Parks and Rec’ for years and people were dying for him to get nominated.”

Andrew Carden: “I definitely see Skarsgard having the edge over Scott for a nomination. As for the win, I suspect it’s a jump ball among Molina, Tucci and Freeman.”

pulp50: “I’d actually really like to see Skarsgard win. It could happen if he’s nominated. There’s really no telling who’s going to be nominated in this category.”

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