[WATCH] Casey Affleck (‘Manchester by the Sea’) remembers when critics ‘absolutely hated me as a person’

When “Manchester by the Sea” star Casey Affleck accepted Best Actor from the New York Film Critics Circle on January 3, he took the opportunity to remind the generous critics of times they weren’t so generous to him, including David Edelstein (New York Magazine), who emceed the awards. Affleck explained his cheeky acceptance speech during a Q&A for the film at New York’s 21 Club on January 4 (watch above).

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“That makes it sound like I was a little bitter,” said Affleck, who clarified, “I was very appreciative of their [recognition] … The point I was making was, what is the difference between all these other movies that they have hated and absolutely hated me as a person — mocking me, belittling me — and this? The difference was Kenny Lonergan.”

Writer-director Kenneth Lonergan is no stranger to critical acclaim. His breakthrough film “You Can Count on Me” (2000) racked up numerous plaudits, and though his second directorial effort, “Margaret” (2011) was plagued by lawsuits and delays, it was hailed by critics when it was finally released and even ranked 31st in BBC’s recent critics poll of the best films of the 21st century.

“You can imagine it, but you don’t believe it’s gonna happen,” said Lonergan about the accolades for his latest film. “It’s great to be appreciated, recognized, praised and heaped with compliments — I like that. And the work means a lot to me and Casey.”

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Watch more of Affleck and Lonergan’s Q&A by following the links below:

Casey Affleck jokes about not being a big enough star for Lonergan: “You said you chose [actors] because they were famous and that’s how you picked all of your actors … It’s funny because it’s true.”

Kenneth Lonergan sings the praises of “Manchester” co-star Michelle Williams: “She just gave so much to the movie.”

Kenneth Lonergan on going from John Krasinski to Matt Damon and finally to Affleck for the lead role: “When someone does the part as beautifully as Casey it becomes totally impossible to think of anyone else playing the role.”

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