‘Celebrity Apprentice’ episode 4 recap: Which 3 players were terminated in ‘Scissors and Some Creativity’?

Celebrity Apprentice” fans, did you correctly predict which three contestants were terminated by host Arnold Schwarzenegger in Episode 4, titled “Scissors and Some Creativity”? Based on our readers’ predictions, “Real Housewife of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams led our predictions to go home in both the first task (9/4 odds) and second task (13/10 odds), but how did it all play out? After reading our recap below, hurry and make your “Celebrity Apprentice” predictions for a chance to top our famous leaderboards. It’s fun and easy, so start now by predicting who will be terminated next.

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In the first hour, the newly coed teams worked with healthy snack company Lorissa’s Kitchen to create a PR stunt that would help unveil the brand to the public. For Team Arete, Brooke Burke-Charvet stepped up to the plate as project manager and on Team Prima Lisa Leslie took the lead, each woman doing so for the first time. On Prima, the men had a rough time adjusting to Lisa as their leader; Chael Sonnen called her “not nice” and Carson Kressley voiced frustration with her ability to stick to a single vision. For Arete, Brooke’s style was to let the experience drive the task and hope that the pieces fall into place on the day of the event.

For their event presentations both teams focused on exercise routines to draw crowds in with MCs educating them on the product in smaller groups. Arete was applauded for the authenticity of their event while Prima’s inclusion of the models was off-brand and their space felt chaotic which ultimately led to their loss. Lisa held Vince Neil accountable for his idea of having the girls dance on top of the container, but Chael was called out by both Lisa and Carson for only putting in enough effort to get by. Arnold pressed each of the celebrities hard, but in the end Vince gave up and took blame for the loss, resulting in his termination.

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To hear about the second task Arnold brought the teams to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios where they were asked to create a celebrity-inspired digital brochure to promote the park. As a huge Harry Potter fan, Matt Iseman was excited to become project manager for Team Arete, but everyone at Team Prima was more reluctant, electing Carson to take the lead. Their familiarity with the brand was the jumping off point for both teams with Matt using his knowledge of the world to create an ambitious family-focused “Daily Prophet” brochure while Carson took an outsider’s approach, focusing on the “celebrity-inspired” aspect of the challenge.

Running short on time to complete their brochure, Prima’s Chael created what he called a “technical error” by cutting the cord of the computer with scissors in order to extend their allotted time. In the boardroom, Carson addressed Chael’s bold act head-on and without hesitation Arnold terminated Chael on the spot for cheating. Because it’s a competition, a winner and a loser still had to be announced. Matt’s Team Arete was a clear winner which left the remaining three members of Prima up for elimination. Based on their past performance, Carson and Lisa were saved, leaving Porsha and her integral role in the failed concept as Arnold’s only option for termination.

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