‘Celebrity Apprentice’ episode 5 recap: Which 3 players were terminated in ‘I’m Going Full Ballmer’?

Celebrity Apprentice” fans, did you correctly predict which three contestants were terminated by host Arnold Schwarzenegger in Episode 5, titled “I’m Going Full Ballmer”? Based on our readers’ predictions, NFL running back Ricky Williams led our predictions to go home in the first task with 27/20 odds and WNBA player Lisa Leslie led our predictions to go home in the second task with 4/5 odds. How did it all play out? After reading our recap below, hurry and make your “Celebrity Apprentice” predictions for a chance to top our famous leaderboards. It’s fun and easy, so start now by predicting the finishing order of the Final 4.

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Before the start of the first task Arnold reshuffled the teams again by sending Boy George to join Carson Kressley and Lisa on Team Prima. On court at Staples Center, the teams were tasked with creating a high-energy presentation during a time-out period at an upcoming LA Clippers basketball game to promote the brand, rally the fans and debut their design of a special edition club T-shirt. As professional athletes, both Lisa and Ricky volunteered to helm their teams in the sports-oriented task.

Based heavily on Matt Iseman‘s idea, Ricky’s Team Arete focused on the passion of the Clippers’ owner and the task’s guest advisor to Arnold, Steve Ballmer, for the inspiration for their presentation. Lisa, worried that her team was at a disadvantage with non-athletic Carson and George, took a more creative approach, asking George to write yet another original song for the task.

In the end, creativity was the key factor in determining Prima’s win — they had a more original concept and T-shirt — over Arete. Ricky brought Brooke Burke-Charvet and Laila Ali back to the board room with him and though Arnold at first wanted to fire Laila for her lack of enthusiasm, he fired Ricky instead for having now lost two tasks as project manager.

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For the second task, last season’s “Celebrity Apprentice” champion Leeza Gibbons joined Arnold to judge the teams on a QVC selling challenge. Given four exercise products to choose from, each team would select one item to sell on a live eight-minute segment of QVC and would be judged by the amount of units sold and profits made. Having both had experience selling on QVC, Carson and Brooke became the project managers for their teams.

Brooke’s approach to the task was to utilize both her and Laila’s relatability as women to appeal to the QVC demographic, having them in front of the camera and Matt behind the camera as producer. In a strategy that surprised the judges, Carson took the opposite approach, putting their only female, Lisa, behind the camera and having himself host the segment with a brief testimonial by George about his own weight loss journey. Despite a higher price point and a shipping delay in the availability of their product, Brooke’s Team Arete outsold Team Prima by almost double, winning the task in a landslide.

Because the loss was so clear, Arnold decided that for the second week in a row he’d eliminate two celebrities from Prima. As project manager, Carson was held accountable for failing to see the advantage of putting Lisa in front of the camera while Lisa’s record of being on the losing side of a majority of the season’s tasks finally caught up with her. With both Carson and Lisa fired, George is left as the last surviving member of Prima and will join Matt, Laila and Brooke in next week’s semifinals.

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Congratulations to our reader Gwensphyre for not only earning a 100% score predicting “I’m Going Full Ballmer,” but for beating out the other nine players to do so by placing her multiplier bets in the right place. Gwensphyre did the best at predicting the answers to this week’s contest questions, including that Ricky, Lisa and Carson would all be sent packing and that Prima would win the first task and Arete would win the second. See where YOU place on our “Celebrity Apprentice” leaderboard.

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