‘Celebrity Apprentice’ episode 6 recap: Which 2 celebrities were terminated and who will compete in the finale?

Celebrity Apprentice” fans, did you correctly predict which contestants would place third and fourth in the competition? Our exclusive combined odds based on your predictions said that athlete Laila Ali would get fourth and television host Brooke Burke-Charvet would come in third. Were you right? Check out our recap of the episode below and then let us know in the comments who you think deserves to be the next “Celebrity Apprentice” champion.

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With only four celebrities left and one task to go, Arnold Schwarzenegger plucked Brooke from her dream team Arete and paired her with Boy George on Team Prima. Guest Jessica Alba was on hand to serve as advisor and judge for the task which was to create an in-home demonstration of her The Honest Company products to a focus group of potential customers. As a personal user of the products, Laila stepped up to lead on Arete while George took the reins of the new Prima.

In the planning process both teams had difficulty finding common ground in their style of work — to Brooke, George seemed unorganized and distracting and to Matt Iseman, Laila kept too narrow of a focus and was unwilling to take risks. In the end, these differences played into each presentation and the decision by the judges of who won. Alba responded well to George’s looser, more creative vision, giving Prima the win over Arete’s methodical and less creative presentation.

In front of Arnold to face possible termination for the first time, Matt argued that his record spoke for itself and that he was the stronger competitor going forward. Laila defended her record, too, stating that she was the one that ended the early losing streak of the women’s team and that she fights hard and can win. As he has in the past, Arnold held the celebrities accountable to their record and sent Laila home in fourth place.

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With three contestants left, Arnold called the group back into the boardroom and announced that there would only be room for two celebrities in the finale, meaning one more had to be terminated. Arnold posed two questions to each of the celebrities — why should they move on and can they deliver the presentations and fundraising the will be required in the final task?

Matt reiterated much of what he had just said to Arnold, but added that he accepted the challenge of fundraising in the final task, admitting that it was his biggest vulnerability. George, more confident in his ability to bring in big donations, spoke to his creativity and strength at putting on strong presentations that are outside the box and exciting. Brooke stood up for her confidence, her passion and ability to navigate the game in light of the poor performance of the women early on. But again records played a huge part in Arnold’s decision and Brooke was terminated for playing too low-key in the beginning and waiting too late to come on strong.

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With Brooke terminated in third place, George and Matt were left as the finalists to compete in the last task of the season, producing an ad campaign, hosting a party and putting on a 15-minute variety show to promote two different lines of Carnival cruises. As is custom on “Apprentice,” each finalist was provided a team of three former players to help them complete their vision. On Team George is Laila, Porsha Williams and Carson Kressley. On Team Matt is Carnie Wilson, Kyle Richards and Carrie Keagan.

On next week’s finale we’ll see each of the teams as they finish planning their events and learn who is Arnold’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” Who do you think should win? Get a closer look at the Season 8 contestants by clicking through our cast photo gallery.

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