‘Celebrity Apprentice’ predictions: Lisa Leslie in the hot seat — will she win or be terminated next?

According to our exclusive odds, Monday’s new episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” will be one of the hardest to predict of the season. Why? Because right now we don’t know whether Lisa Leslie is on the top or the bottom. Users currently have her as the frontrunner to win with 2/1 odds, but are also giving her leading 13/8 odds of termination in the first task and leading 4/5 odds of termination in the second task. Where do you think she’ll land? Be sure to make your own “Celebrity Apprentice” predictions for a chance to top our famous leaderboards. It’s fun and easy, so start now by predicting who will be terminated next and who will win.

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In last week’s second task, Team Prima lost two of its four members — Chael Sonnen was disqualified for cheating and Porsha Williams was terminated for her failed concept. Those eliminations left Lisa and Carson Kressley as a team of two heading into Monday’s new episode, “I’m Going Full Ballmer.” Arnold Schwarzenegger saved both celebrities on the strength of their past performance, suggesting that Lisa’s difficulty vibing with her teammates is not a factor in Arnold’s favorable opinion of her.

Though she lost the only task she’s been Project Manager for, Lisa has impressed the board room panel with her willingness to voice a dissenting opinion from her teammates. In many cases, Lisa’s concerns about the direction her team was heading in a task was in line with what the judges eventually deemed the negative aspects of their presentations. Lisa’s ability to make it through the next episode depends on how well she can work with her team and whether or not they’ll put her in the hot seat for termination.

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With the teams at vastly uneven numbers — two for Team Prima and five for Team Arete — it’s likely that Arnold will call for a second switch-up with at least one member of Arete becoming a member of Prima. A switch could spell doom for the two celebrities who have avoided being brought back into the board room so far, task one winner Boy George and two-time task winner Matt Iseman. When a team has lost as badly as Prima has, it’s basically “Apprentice” tradition that the strongest player switch to the losing team in order to save them from another loss. Such a switch would send one of the two men to the board room, but based on their records it’s unlikely that either would go home.

Aside from Lisa, the three celebrities that our predictions have in danger of going home are Arete’s Ricky Williams and Brooke Burke-Charvet and Prima’s Carson. Ricky is the runner-up to go home in both the first task (19/10 odds) and second task (5/1 odds). Brooke has third place 13/2 odds of going home in the first task and 10/1 odds of termination in the second. In both questions, George, Matt and Laila Ali are safest with longshot odds of being sent to the chopper.

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Who will win ‘Celebrity Apprentice’? See exclusive odds

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