Christian Navarro (’13 Reasons Why’) on being ‘an unhelpful Yoda’ and wanting to be in ‘Star Wars’ [WATCH]

“I get so sick of your little sayings and things that you point out, acting all wise. You’re like this unhelpful Yoda,” says Clay (Dylan Minnette) to Tony (Christian Navarro) during one scene in “13 Reasons Why.” But Navarro is hoping that meme will catch on, and he hopes it’ll lead to a real role of his own in “Star Wars.” Watch Navarro’s interview with Entertainment Weekly above.

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In the Netflix drama series, Tony is a teenager tasked with distributing a series of audio cassettes that serve as the suicide note of his classmate Hannah (Katherine Langford), who explains to several of her peers exactly how they contributed to her death. As a result, Tony finds himself counseling a distraught Clay as he struggles through the painful process of listening to the recordings — hence the Yoda comment.

“I love these memes,” said Navarro. “I’m a ‘Star Wars’ nerd, I’m a geek … I was in the Village walking down, and I heard ‘Yoda!’ and I was like, ‘Oh shit, they’re talking about me’ … I want to be in ‘Star Wars,’ so help me out, people want it. I think if they do a Yoda origin story — I’m already five-foot-nothing. I’m already almost there.”

“13 Reasons Why” premiered its first season on Netflix on March 31, and less than a month later it’s already closing in on a second season deal with Netflix. Perhaps then Tony will finally graduate to being a helpful Yoda.

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