‘Project Runway’ poll results: 82% say Tim Gunn made the right call by eliminating Claire Buitendorp

Last week’s episode of “Project Runway,” “A Little Avant Garde,” was the most dramatic of the season by far — and that was just in the first 10 minutes. In a continuation of the previous week’s cliffhanger in “Client on the Go,” Michael Brambila walked off stage to protest Claire Buitendorp‘s challenge win. Then Batani-Khalfani was eliminated. But when Buitendorp was revealed to have broken the rules she was stripped of her challenge win and eliminated by Tim Gunn so Khalfani was spared (though Khalfani lost the very next design challenge and was eliminated at the end of the episode anyway).

So we asked our readers whether it was the right decision to eliminate Buitendorp, and they said overwhelmingly that it was. A whopping 82% of respondents said she deserved to be sent home for her infraction of keeping supplies and making measurements outside the official “Runway” workroom, which is expressly forbidden. Another 12% said she should have lost the design challenge, but not been eliminated. Only 6% believed she should have been able to stay and keep her win in the design challenge.

Our readers had a lot to say about the controversy in our comments in addition to responding to our poll. Read some of their thoughts below, and scroll down for the complete results. You can keep voting here.

Emily Conover: “Yep, it was right to boot Claire off. She cheated, plain and simple.”

Dorothy Parker: “She cheated, fair and square. If Claire had the tape measure then [her twin sister Shawn] had the tape measure. They’ve been cheating more than we’ll ever know.”

Donna McDonald: “I am completely disappointed in this season of ‘Project Runway.’ Michael and [Margarita Alvarez] acted completely unprofessional and to be honest there is just a lack of talent this season.”

Madre: “Michael and Margarita had the courage to begin the discussion. So many people fault the person who is calling someone out when they are doing wrong. I am glad to see someone speak up and put a stop to this behavior.”

Citigirl: “There is no bravery or courage here! If they knew this all along, they should have mentioned it then. To make this ridiculous scene on the runway was childish, unprofessional and disrespectful to the judges. If they knew, then they were complicit in the cheating. They both need to go home for their behavior.”

project runway poll results

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