Year of the Clown: 2017 gave us Pennywise (‘It’), Twisty (‘AHS: Cult’), Puddles (‘America’s Got Talent’) and …

If you’re afraid of clowns, you probably spent much of 2017 hiding under the bed. With clowns on the big screen (“It”) and in your living rooms (“American Horror Story,” “Baskets,” “Americas Got Talent”), we’re officially declaring 2017 to be the Year of the Clown. Below, let’s take a look at some of the red-nosed, big-shoed jesters that kept us entertained throughout the year.

Pennywise (“It”)
Bill Skarsgard takes on the role of the truly chilling Pennywise in this film adaptation of Stephen King‘s 1986 horror novel. Pennywise terrorizes a group of children in Derry, Maine and has the supernatural ability to appear as their biggest fears. With nearly $300 million (and counting) at the domestic box office, “It” is one of the most successful horror flicks of all time. That means, of course, a sequel has already been ordered, due out in 2019.

Twisty (“American Horror Story: Cult”)
The breakout character from “AHS: Freak Show” has returned in the current cycle of FX’s horror anthology series. Played by John Carroll Lynch, Twisty was brought back to the franchise by popular demand. Since Twisty was killed back in the 1950s, that means he only appears in fantasy sequences in the current “AHS: Cult,” but he’s still more frightening than any other villains on TV. The new season centers around a cult of killer clowns who are being led by a masterful Evan Peters.

Baskets (“Baskets”)
FX’s quirky comedy series actually premiered in 2016, but it was this year that the Emmys took notice of Zach Galifianakis‘ title character of Baskets by honoring him with a nomination as Best Comedy Actor. Galifianakis lost the trophy to Donald Glover (“Atlanta”), but there’s always next year. Baskets’ mother Christine is portrayed by Louie Anderson, who won an Emmy in Season 1 for coming to accept her son’s career as a clown.

Puddles (“America’s Got Talent”)
One of the most viral acts of “America’s Got Talent” 2017 was Puddles Pity Party, an inspirational clown who never spoke a word but sang like an opera singer. He was a favorite of fans and judges alike until he gave a so-so performance of Lorde‘s “Royals” during the live rounds and was eliminated. Gold Derby’s recent poll revealed that a whopping 86% of fans were heartbroken when Puddles was sent home so early.

What other clowns kept you entertained in 2017? Let us know by sounding off down in the comments section.

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