Cody Nickson (‘Big Brother’): Do you think the hotheaded houseguest is a ‘villain’? [POLL]

During the most emotional episode yet of “Big Brother” Season 19, the “V” word was thrown around for the first time in relation to Cody Nickson. The controversial houseguest, who was evicted last month only to return thanks to the Battle Back Showdown, got in a fight with Head of Household Paul Abrahamian after he and Jessica Graf were nominated for eviction. “Seriously, how am I a villain now?” Cody asked his showmance partner Jessica after their dramatic blowup in the HOH room. What do YOU think, “Big Brother” fans: Is Cody a villain? Vote in our poll below.

“Am I gonna have to deal with this in reality, too?” Jessica asked Cody following their confrontation with Paul that nearly ended in a fistfight. “You just being a hothead, getting into fights with everyone? Over what? Literally over what?” Jessica and Cody continued feuding throughout the episode, but they weren’t the only ones.

Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez almost came to blows in the kitchen after Josh continued his aggravating assault on Mark by banging frying pans together. “I was bullied as a kid,” Mark confessed in the diary room. “And this strikes a nerve. Ever since I learned where the gym was, I never got bullied. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.”

A subdued Cody later told Mark, “We would have ran this damn thing if Paul would have never came around. I didn’t like Paul from the start. Jessica is convinced I’m a villain now. Even if she does [calm down], her default is always to blame me.”

The arguing and bickering filled so much of Episode 17 of “Big Brother” that we didn’t even get to see the Veto ceremony. Will the Veto winner Paul decide to use his power to save Jessica, Cody or Jason Dent? Or will he let Jessica save all three by utilizing her Halting Hex temptation? Find out Thursday night when “Big Brother” continues on CBS.

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