‘Dancing with the Stars’ slugfest: Jordan Fisher in ‘a league of his own,’ so forget the ‘annoying’ backlash [WATCH]

Dancing with the Starsended its jam-packed 25th season on Tuesday night, November 21, and Gold Derby’s “DWTS” gurus Jeffrey Kare, Cordell Martin, and I had a lot of thoughts about who won, who didn’t, and whether there’s any merit to the complaint that celebs with dance experience shouldn’t compete on the show. Watch our lively video slugfest above.

“It was well deserved,” said Martin about Jordan Fisher‘s Mirror Ball victory, and Martin was the highest scoring user on our season-long “DWTS” leaderboard, so he knows what he’s talking about. “Jordan is just in a league of his own. He’s just an amazing dancer. I’m really happy with the result.” Kare agrees, adding, “I’m very happy with the end result. In fact, I was happy that it pretty much went according to what we anticipated.” Our racetrack odds correctly forecast all of the final four placements, with Lindsey Stirling in second, Frankie Muniz in third, and Drew Scott in fourth.

But what about the complaints that Fisher was too experienced to even belong in this amateur dance competition? Martin rejects that argument outright: “That is one of the most annoying comments we hear season after season … What people need to understand is that ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is more than just the best dancer. It’s the person that’s the complete package, whether they’re the best dancer, or the most entertaining, or the best performer, or someone you just connect with. I think Jordan checked a lot of those boxes.”

Kare adds, “I think [it was a fair fight]. It’s always interesting to see people with all this physical experience competing against people who haven’t been as physical to say the least. That being said, Jordan and [his pro partner Lindsay Arnold] did have some disadvantages fairly recently with Lindsay having her knee problem, but they were able to overcome it.”

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