‘Dancing with the Stars’ rankings: Did Jordan Fisher really have the best dance on ‘Most Memorable Year Night’?

Most Memorable Year Night” on “Dancing with the Stars” is the time when we get to see each star their most vulnerable and emotional. This week wasn’t anything short of that as we saw the majority of the celebrities earn their highest scores this season. We saw Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold pick up the first 10s of the competition and witness a new contender emerge in Victoria Arlen with her partner Val Chmerkovskiy. But many of the other contestants are still evenly matched: 24 was the magic number as six couples earned this score to tie for fourth place.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to one couple. Even though he showed improvement, the NBA curse struck again as Derek Fisher and his partner Sharna Burgess were eliminated.

So where do Derek and all the rest rank on my list this week? Check out my rankings below and see how they compare to the judges’ scores.

1. Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold – Contemporary (“Take Us Home” by Us the Duo)

Memorable Year: 2005, the year he was adopted by his grandparents

This is how you dance a contemporary routine! Jordan left it all on the dance floor. I loved how intimately the dance started and then how it built as the routine went on. Lindsay did exactly what I wanted, which was to show us a vulnerable and relatable side of Jordan.

Scoring Prediction: 10 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 10 (Bruno) = 28/30

Actual Score: 10 (Carrie Ann) + 9 (Len) + 10 (Bruno) = 29/30

Highest score this season — well deserved!

2. Lindsey Stirling & Mark Ballas – Viennese Waltz (“Anchor” by Mindy Gledhill)

Most Memorable Year: 2017, the year her father passed away from cancer

Wow! This was a beautiful dance from start to finish. I loved how lost in the story of their dance I was. Lindsey and Mark have one of the best partnerships this season and in “DWTS” history. But I knew that Len would have an issue with the couple not being in hold for the entire dance.

Scoring Prediction: 10 (Carrie Ann) + 9 (Len) + 10 (Bruno) = 29/30

Actual Score: 9 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 9 (Bruno) = 26/30

This dance deserved at least a 10 or two. I guess the judges still want to make it seem like the competition is anyone’s game for now.

3. Victoria Arlen & Val Chmerkovskiy – Foxtrot (“I Lived” by OneRepublic)

Most Memorable Year: The years in which she battled her disease and overcame it

You’ve got to love Victoria’s determination. I loved how the dance focused on a celebration of life instead of tragedy. Victoria has great energy; she lights up the room every time she hits the dance floor. I will say that this was the most confident that I’ve seen her this season. She owned the dance and most importantly her story.

Scoring Prediction: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 24/30

Actual Score: 9 (Carrie Ann) + 9 (Len) + 9 (Bruno) = 27/30

Her highest score this season.

4. Vanessa Lachey & Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Rumba (“Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)“ by Nick Lachey)

Most Memorable Year: 2016, the year that her family became complete

This was a very heartfelt and emotional dance. You could see Vanessa letting go. It was full of content and simple yet powerful. I’m also glad that the producers didn’t focus on the rumored drama between Vanessa and Maks.

Scoring Prediction: 9 (Carrie Ann) + 9 (Len) + 9 (Bruno) = 27/30

Actual Score: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 24/30

I thought Vanessa deserved a 9 or two.

5. Drew Scott & Emma Slater – Jive (“Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen)

Most Memorable Year: 2007, the year his show “Property Brothers” debuted

Drew surprised me this week. Normally the jive can be a bit of a struggle for taller stars, but Drew handled it really well. I thought the routine was full of content and entertaining from start to finish. I agree with the judges that this was his best dance this season.

Scoring Prediction: 7 (Carrie Ann) + 7 (Len) + 7 (Bruno) = 21/30

Actual Score: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 24/30

Better than I expected.

6. Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev – Contemporary (“Fight Song” by Rachel Platten)

Most Memorable Year: 2016, the year she overcame her neck injury

Another great opening to a dance by Nikki and Artem. This performance was beautiful, creative, and emotional. It was a great choice by Artem to display Nikki’s athleticism in the routine. I’m glad to see Nikki back in the race.

Scoring Prediction: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 24/30

Actual Score: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 24/30

Pretty spot on with this score.

7. Terrell Owens & Cheryl Burke – Viennese Waltz (“I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston)

Most Memorable Year: 2012, the year that he lost his grandmother

I have to admit this was Terrell’s best dance to date. It was elegant, lyrical, and graceful. The dance had a continuous flow to it, and Terrell did a great job in maintaining his frame and hold for the entire dance. I was glad that the audience was able to see a different side of him.

Scoring Prediction: 7 (Carrie Ann) + 7 (Len) + 7 (Bruno) = 21/30

Actual Score: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 24/30

I was definitely off when I predicted the score. I thought Terrell would have more issues with his frame.

8. Frankie Muniz & Witney Carson – Quickstep (“Adventure of a Lifetime” by Coldplay)

Most Memorable Year: 2017, living in the present

What I love about Frankie and Witney is that they get straight to the dance at the start of their routines. I loved the staging of this dance, and Frankie definitely held his own with the amount of content that Witney included in the choreography. It was a great start to this night.

Scoring Prediction: 9 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 9 (Bruno) = 26/30

Actual Score: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 24/30

I was a little off in my predictions, but I agree with the judges on these scores.

9. Sasha Pieterse & Gleb Savchenko – Foxtrot (“Over My Head (Cable Car)” by The Fray)

Most Memorable Year: 2016, Last season of “Pretty Little Liars,” struggling with her weight, and getting engaged

Way to come back from last week’s stumble! The dance was beautiful, had great storytelling, and was full of content. But while I thought the dance was great, I’m still concerned that she might get lost in the shuffle of other dances. Does she stand out enough?

Scoring Prediction: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 24/30

Actual Score: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 24/30

Well deserved scores from the judges.

10. Derek Fisher & Sharna Burgess – Jazz (“Move On Up” by Curtis Mayfield) [Eliminated Couple]

Most Memorable Year: 2007, the year in which his daughter was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer

I loved the energy and upbeat attitude of the dance. Derek was at ease throughout the entire routine. But I do agree with Carrie Ann that there were a few times when Derek was out of sync with Sharna. Overall, however, I thought it was a solid performance.

Scoring Prediction: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 7 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 23/30

Actual Score: 7 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 23/30

Another spot-on prediction, though I was wrong about who would give him that 7.

11. Nick Lachey & Peta Murgatroyd – Contemporary (“Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova)

Most Memorable Year: 2012, the year he married Vanessa

I’m not sure what was going on Monday night, but this was Nick’s best dance too. This was the first time that I felt Nick actually be vulnerable for once and feel the music. Kudos to Peta for choreographing to Nick’s strengths.

Scoring Prediction: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 7 (Len) + 7 (Bruno) = 22/30

Actual Score: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 7 (Len) + 7 (Bruno) = 22/30

Spot on again with my scoring prediction.


With everyone so close in scores, it’s going to be tough to predict who will be eliminated. I think based on Monday night that either Nikki or Sasha will be eliminated. I feel that both of them tend to fade into the background week after week. With Nikki, the problem seems to be that the judges tended to underscore her earlier in the season and she has often performed in the first half of the show. In Sasha’s case, she has yet to break out from the pack with a singular breakthrough dance, which is needed especially with this competitive crop of celebrities.

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