‘Dancing with the Stars’ rankings: Who REALLY gave the best performance on ‘Dance Trios’ night? [POLL]

We’re only two weeks away from the “Dancing with the Stars” season 24 finale. Based on scores alone that finale should consist of singer Normani Kordei, football player Rashad Jennings, and gymnast Simone Biles. However, baseball player David Ross and bull rider Bonner Bolton have proved that scores don’t matter if you have enough support from fans. In previous weeks they both escaped elimination over more talented stars like Heather Morris and Nancy Kerrigan.

For the fifth time, this season Kordei and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy topped the leaderboard, with a perfect individual routine and a near-perfect trio dance. Jennings, Ross, and Biles all received a mix of praise and criticism. In the end, Bolton was finally given the boot, setting the stage for an epic showdown between Jennings, Kordei, Biles and Ross for those three spots in the finals.

But who really performed the best on “Dance Trios” night? Below are my rankings of the individual routines as well as my thoughts on the trio dances. Read my analysis and then vote in our poll at the bottom of this post to decide who you think was the best.

Individual Dances

1. Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovskiy (Contemporary)

Song: “Freedom” by Anthony Hamilton & Elena Boynton — Kordei talked about her experience being bullied on Twitter, so Chmerkovskiy chose the song “Freedom” as a way to give his partner a chance to let down her guard and find her strength. This girl is so amazing. Her dance was top-notch from the storytelling, to the movement, to the vulnerability. I was so glad that Chmerkovskiy was able to get Kordei to open her heart to the audience. With a dance like that, there is no way they won’t make it to the finals, and their perfect scores were well deserved!

My Pre-Show Predictions: 10 (Carrie Ann Inaba), 10 (Len Goodman), 10 (Julianne Hough), 10 (Bruno Tonioli) = 40

Actual Scores: 10 (Inaba), 10 (Goodman), 10 (Hough), 10 (Tonioli) = 40

2. Simone Biles & Sasha Farber (Foxtrot)

Song: “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction — Farber  wants Biles to get back to the top of the leaderboard, but apparently Biles wasn’t a fan of the song that he selected for her at first. Nevertheless, Biles does a great job of lighting up the dance floor. This was one of the few times when I felt that she and her partner were connected throughout the dance. Overall, this was a great routine with full-on content. But I do agree with the judges that Biles seems to still be struggling with being vulnerable, so their scores were spot-on.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 9 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 9 (Tonioli) = 36

Actual Scores: 9 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 9 (Tonioli) = 36

3. David Ross & Lindsay Arnold (Waltz)

Song: “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw — Arnold picked “Humble and Kind” because of Ross’s upbringing and the way he raises his children, so he had a strong emotional connection with the song. The result was a very beautiful dance. As I have mentioned before, Ross does well with ballroom styles. His frame was strong, and his movements were lyrical. With this dance and a great, heartwarming edit for his pre-dance clip package, Ross could turn out to be a spoiler for the finals.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 9 (Inaba), 8 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 9 (Tonioli) = 35

Actual Score: 9 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 9 (Tonioli) = 36

4. Rashad Jennings & Emma Slater (Jive)

Song: “Shake a Tail Feather” by Blues Brothers — Slater chose “Shake a Tail Feather” because of Jennings’s fun and vibrant personality, and the song definitely highlighted his showmanship. The performance had lots of choreographic content. But as I expected, Jennings was flat-footed through the entire dance, which hurt them slightly in his scores. But I expected it to hurt him more than it did. Based on the judges’ comments I thought he would receive a couple of 8s, not straight 9s across the board.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 8 (Inaba), 8 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 8 (Tonioli) = 33

Actual Scores: 9 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 9 (Tonioli) = 36

5. Bonner Bolton & Sharna Burgess (Argentine Tango)

Song: “Believer” by Imagine Dragons — Burgess selected “Believer” by Imagine Dragons to showcase how Bolton overcame his life-threatening injury, but Bolton doesn’t want to dwell on his accident anymore and wants to move on, causing tension between them while they were training. The resulting dance lacked passion, and once again his movements were stiff. I felt that he was just out of steam, which is a shame because I thought this would be one of his better dances.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 9 (Inaba), 8 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 8 (Tonioli) = 34

Actual Scores: 8 (Inaba), 7 (Goodman), 8 (Hough), 7 (Tonioli) = 30

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Trio Dances

1. Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovskiy, with Alan Bersten (Jive)

Song: “Feeling Alive” by Earl St. Clair — We learned that Kordei has a bit of a crush on her rival competitor Bolton, who made a cameo appearance at the end of this routine. As usual, she killed the dance. It was vibrant, full of flicks and kicks, and she owned the stage. I agree with the judges that it was great to see her in a happier light after such a dark and emotional first dance. Her scores were nearly perfect for this one too — though I figured it would be Goodman who would dock her a point.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 9 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 10 (Tonioli) = 37

Actual Scores: 10 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 10 (Hough), 10 (Tonioli) = 39

2. Rashad Jennings & Emma Slater, with Witney Carson (Argentine Tango)

Song: “Dreams” by Gabrielle Aplin & Bastille — Jennings had no problem handling both female pros; throughout the dance he truly led both women. My only concern, once again, was with his footwork. His movements weren’t as sharp as I thought they would be, but I will say that I preferred this to his individual routine. I personally would’ve given him a 9, but I was pretty accurate with my pre-dance prediction.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 10 (Inaba), 10 (Goodman), 10 (Hough), 10 (Tonioli) = 40

Actual Scores: 10 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 10 (Hough), 10 (Tonioli) = 39

3. Simone Biles & Sasha Farber, with Brittany Cherry (Paso Doble)

Song: “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers feat. Daya — I think with their comments on her first dance, the judges knocked down Biles’s confidence. I could tell that she was a bit rattled for this second performance. Throughout the dance she appeared unsure of herself, and her movements weren’t as strong and aggressive as I wanted for a passionate dance like the paso doble. I really hope Farber is able to get Biles’s confidence back on track next week.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 10 (Inaba), 10 (Goodman), 10 (Hough), 10 (Tonioli) = 40

Actual Scores: 9 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 9 (Tonioli) = 36

4. David Ross & Lindsay Arnold, with Hayley Erbert (Paso Doble)

Song: “Gangsta’s Paradise” by 2WEI — This performance was a bit rough. Ross stomped around through the dance, and it felt rushed. With that said, you’ve got to love his commitment week after week, but when I saw his scores — ouch! The judges weren’t playing any games this week.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 8 (Inaba), 8 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 8 (Tonioli) = 33

Actual Score: 7 (Inaba), 7 (Goodman), 8 (Hough), 7 (Tonioli) = 29

5. Bonner Bolton & Sharna Burgess, with Britt Stewart (Jazz)

Song: “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars — Yikes, this was painful to watch. I sound like a broken record, but Bolton was stiff and uncomfortable throughout the dance. His movements were minuscule and lacked any excitement or energy. The fact that he received 7s for a jazz routine — usually a dance style contestants score well with — proved that it was time for him to go home.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 8 (Inaba), 8 (Goodman), 8 (Hough), 8 (Tonioli) = 32

Actual Scores: 7 (Inaba), 7 (Goodman), 7 (Hough), 7 (Tonioli) = 28

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