‘Dancing with the Stars’ rankings for ‘Latin Night’: Did Frankie Muniz really deserve that high score?

After slowing things down on Monday night for “Ballroom Night,” it was time for “Dancing with the Stars” to heat things up for “Latin Night” in which the remaining 12 couples each performed a new Latin routine. After topping the leaderboard the first two nights of the competition, Jordan Fisher and his partner Lindsay Arnold were bested at the last minute by Frankie Muniz and his partner Witney Carson. In fact, Frankie earned the first 9 of the season with his electric cha cha.

Vanessa Lachey and Lindsey Stirling continued to receive high praise from the judges, while Drew Scott and Sasha Pieterse saw their scores continue to rise. Victoria Arlen and Nikki Bella both saw their scores tumble a bit, while Nick Lachey, Terrell Owens, and Derek Fisher continued to see themselves near the bottom of the leaderboard.

Unfortunately, even after receiving her best scores this season, ’80s pop star Debbie Gibson and her partner Alan Bersten became the second couple eliminated.

But did the judges get it right? Below are my rankings for “Latin Night.”

1. Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold – Samba

Dance of the night! I love how Jordan comes out and just crushes it. Kudos to Lindsay for adding a lot of proper samba content while keeping it current and youthful. After three stellar performances, Jordan deserves a spot in the finale.

My Prediction: 9 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 9 (Bruno) = 26/30

Actual Score: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 24/30

I thought they were underscored. Jordan and Lindsey deserved a 9 or two.

2. Frankie Muniz & Witney Carson – Cha Cha

Note to anyone appearing on the show, please dance to a Bruno Mars track like Frankie and Witney did. I loved their cha cha. It was funky and entertaining without sacrificing the technique. Frankie is proving to be quite the showman. At this rate Frankie could possibly end up winning this competition. As we’ve seen in the past, it isn’t always the best technical dancer who prevails, but sometimes the one with the most heart.

My Prediction: 7 (Carrie Ann) + 6 (Len) + 6 (Bruno) = 19/30

Actual Score: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 9 (Bruno) = 25/30

Clearly I should stop with these predictions because I was way off.

3. Lindsey Stirling & Mark Ballas – Salsa

Holy smokes! Lindsey and Mark’s salsa was entertaining from start to finish. There was full-on content, Lindsey had great hip action, and she did a great job of keeping up with her pro partner. Mark, like Lindsay Arnold, is succeeding in choreographing to his partner’s personality. And as with Jordan, we should go ahead and add Lindey’s name to the finale.

My Prediction: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 9 (Bruno) = 25/30

Actual Score: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) =24/30

Like Jordan, they were underscored. They definitely deserved at least one 9 or two.

4. Vanessa Lachey & Maks Chmerkovskiy – Salsa

I’m really loving this partnership. Glad to see Vanessa bring out a fun and playful side of Maks. I thought their salsa was fun, energetic, and really captured Vanessa’s vibrant personality. My only complaint was that I didn’t care for the MC Hammer pants she was wearing, but that’s a quibble for the wardrobe department.

My Prediction: 7 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 23/30

Actual Score: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 8 (Len) + 7 (Bruno) = 23/30

I thought Carrie Ann would be the judge to nitpick their routine, but it turned out to be Bruno.

5. Sasha Pieterse & Gleb Savenchko – Samba

After two forgettable dances, Sasha’s samba proved that she could be a potential contender. This is the first time that I felt her personality come through. She hit all her moves and overall it was a great dance. Hopefully this was the breakthrough she needed to start challenging herself to come out of her shell more.

My Prediction: 6 (Carrie Ann) + 7 (Len) + 6 (Bruno) = 19/30

Actual Score: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 7 (Len) + 7 (Bruno) = 22/30

I felt that she deserved those scores. It was her best dance so far.

6. Drew Scott & Emma Slater – Rumba

I’m not going to lie, I was expecting Drew’s rumba to be a hot mess, so I was pleasantly surprised by how fluid and lyrical his movements were. His hips were a bit stiff, but this was his best dance by far.

My Prediction: 6 (Carrie Ann) + 5 (Len) + 5 (Bruno) = 16/30

Actual Score: 7 (Carrie Ann) + 7 (Len) + 7 (Bruno) = 21/30

Yeah, I definitely underestimated Drew with this dance.

7. Debbie Gibson & Alan Bersten – Argentine Tango [Eliminated Couple]

I felt that Debbie and Alan had amazing chemistry tonight. It was great to see a sexier and sultrier side to Debbie. As for the dance itself, I thought it was great, though her legs lacked precision at times. Like Drew and Sasha, I felt that this was her best dance.

My Prediction: 6 (Carrie Ann) + 7 (Len) + 7 (Bruno) = 20/30

Actual Score: 7 (Carrie Ann) + 7 (Len) + 7 (Bruno) = 21/30

Sad to see her go so early in the competition after showing such potential.

8. Victoria Arlen & Val Chmerkovskiy – Rumba

I looks like Val went more for the emotion rather than the content in choreographing this routine. Victoria did a great job of being vulnerable, but the dance lacked rumba content. With several couples starting to up their game, Val needs to be careful that Victoria doesn’t fall into the background.

My Prediction: 7 (Carrie Ann) + 7 (Len) + 7 (Bruno) = 21/30

Actual Score: 7 (Carrie Ann) + 6 (Len) + 7 (Bruno) = 20/30

I felt that the judges were a bit generous with the 7s given the lack of genuine rumba content.

9. Derek Fisher & Sharna Burgess – Paso Doble

I love how committed Derek is to improving on the show. He impressed me by being aggressive, but his movements lacked the attack to match. I feel that Derek is a diamond in the rough and will only continue to get better as the competition goes on, provided he on the show long enough.

My Prediction: 7 (Carrie Ann) + 6 (Len) + 7 (Bruno) = 20/30

Actual Score: 7 (Carrie Ann) + 6 (Len) + 6 (Bruno) = 19/30

I was pretty spot on with my scoring prediction vs. his actual scores.

10. Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev – Samba

Nikki looked great on “Latin Night,” but I will say that I was a bit let down by her routine. It didn’t have much samba content, and for the first time Nikki looked a bit hesitant in her steps. The judges agreed that her timing and legs were a bit stiff.

My Prediction: 7 (Carrie Ann) + 7 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 23/30

Actual Score: 6 (Carrie Ann) + 6 (Len) + 6 (Bruno) = 18/30

Once again the first couple who danced was underscored, as has been a pattern this season so far.

11. Nick Lachey & Peta Murgatroyd – Argentine Tango

I’m really rooting for Nick to do well, but I just don’t think dancing is in his blood. I like the chemistry between him and Peta, but I have to agree with Len that it felt like he was walking through his steps. Moving forward he needs to focus more on feeling the dance less on getting into character.

My Prediction: 8 (Carrie Ann) + 7 (Len) + 8 (Bruno) = 23/30

Actual Score: 7 (Carrie Ann) + 6 (Len) + 6 (Bruno) = 19/30

Carrie Ann was a bit generous with that 7.

12. Terrell Owens & Cheryl Burke – Samba

I will give Terrell credit for going out there and at least attempting to dance a samba. But on “Latin Night” he was a bit stiff and awkward at times. I’m afraid that if he doesn’t pick up the pace soon, he might be going home much earlier than he would like.

My Prediction: 6 (Carrie Ann) + 5 (Len) + 6 (Bruno) = 17/30

Actual Score: 6 (Carrie Ann) + 6 (Len) + 7 (Bruno) = 19/30

I agree with Carrie Ann and Len on this one.


After three nights of competition, I think one of the athletes (Nikki, Terrell, or Derek) will be the next one to go. Nikki saw a dip in her scores and unfortunately went first, which seems to be bad luck this season so far. And Terrell and Derek have seen very little upward movement with their scores.

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