‘Dancing with the Stars’ rankings: Did Lindsey Stirling and Jordan Fisher deserve those perfect scores in the finals?

After nine competitive weeks, we are down to the final four contestants on “Dancing with the Stars”: Jordan Fisher, Lindsey Stirling, Frankie Muniz, and Drew Scott. Each one of these stars rightfully earned their spot based on their dance skills (Jordan), fearlessness (Lindsey), heart (Frankie), and charm (Drew).

On Monday night each couple danced two routines. Round one was a redemption dance, in which each star had to repeat a dance style from one of their lowest scoring routines of the season. Each redemption dance included a specific challenge from one of the judges, including guest judge Julianne Hough. It turned out each couple was able to successfully redeem themselves as everyone vastly improved their scores from their first attempts, with Jordan and Lindsey earning perfect 40s for their Charleston and quickstep routines, respectively.

Next up for the stars was the freestyle round. And this had to be one of the best groups of freestyles I’ve seen in quite some time. I felt that each dance was distinct and really played to the strengths of each contestant.

In the end it was once again Jordan and Lindsey at the top as each earned another perfect score. They both ended the night with scores of 80 out of 80, while Frankie was only a few points behind, earning a total of 76 out of 80. Drew ended the night with a total score of 75 out of 80 before being booted from the competition.

Below are my rankings from the finals and my final prediction of who will take home the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Redemption Round

1. Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold – Charleston

Len wanted to see three recognizable Charleston steps since he thought Jordan’s previous Charleston didn’t have enough proper content. And Jordan once again killed it. His redemption dance was full of energy, content, and entertainment. From start to finish I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Jordan and Lindsay. Their chemistry is on point, and you can tell that they really enjoy partnering with each other. This dance was off the charts.

Scores: Carrie Ann Inaba (10) + Len Goodman (10) + Julianne Hough (10) + Bruno Tonioli (10) = 40/40

2. Lindsey Stirling & Mark Ballas  – Quickstep

Julianne hoped to see more power and technique from Lindsey compared to her previous performance of this dance style. And Lindsey delivered. She commanded the audience and dance floor from beginning to end. I was impressed by how they were able to stay in hold for the entire routine, which was especially difficult given the length of the dance. They did a great job of maintaining the speed and control necessary for the quickstep.

Scores: Carrie Ann (10) + Len (10)  + Julianne (10) + Bruno (10) = 40/40

3. Frankie Muniz & Witney Carson – Foxtrot

Carrie Ann challenged Frankie to do a solo as a part of his redemption foxtrot. As with Drew (see below) it was great to see how confident Frankie has become as a dancer. The performance was elegant, smooth, and lighthearted. Frankie has a charm about him that could put him in serious contention for the Mirror Ball.

Scores: Carrie Ann (10) + Len (9) + Julianne (10) + Bruno (9) = 38/40

4. Drew Scott & Emma Slater – Paso Doble

Bruno challenged Drew to slow down and really master his form and movement. From the start of the dance I could see a vast improvement from Drew compared to his previous paso attempt. I thought the dance was full of attack, passion, and content. Aside from one little stumble, I thought it was his most confident dance this season.

Scores: Carrie Ann (9) + Len (9)  + Julianne (9) + Bruno (9) = 36/40

Freestyle Round

1. Lindsey Stirling & Mark Ballas

Lindsey and Mark choreographed a dance about Lindsey’s journey, incorporating both of their quirky personalities. And they really threw down the gauntlet with this performance. I loved the story behind the dance, about conductors who become swept away by their music. Mark has been on a roll this season with his imaginative choreography, tapping into Lindsey’s unique and creative personality. This will definitely be one of those freestyles that will stand the test of time.

Scores: Carrie Ann (10) + Len (10) + Julianne (10) + Bruno (10) = 40/40

2. Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold

Lindsay went all out to make this one of the best freestyles ever. But Jordan felt the pressure of such an ambitious routine, afraid that he might make mistakes that would cost him the competition. But as expected Jordan lived up to the high expectations. I thought the performance was spot-on and full of entertainment. I agreed with Bruno’s statement about Jordan reminding him of Ben Vereen mixed with Bob Fosse. Kudos to Lindsay for never taking it too easy or playing it safe with Jordan.

Scores: Carrie Ann (10) + Len (10) + Julianne (10) + Bruno (10) = 40/40

3. Drew Scott & Emma Slater

Drew’s freestyle was centered around his journey on the show. And colored me surprised by the finished product. I was thoroughly impressed and entertained by his performance. He did a great job in keeping up with the pros who were dancing with him and Emma, and the choreography was really suited to his strengths.

Scores: Carrie Ann (9) + Len (10) + Julianne (10) + Bruno (10) = 39/40

4. Frankie Muniz & Witney Carson

Witney was torn over whether to choreograph something more serious or something more fun and lighthearted for Frankie. She ultimately decided to go with her first instinct of a more serious dance to show who Frankie is as a person and dancer and how he’s evolved over the course of the season. That was a great call by Witney to stick with her gut and take a risk. The performance was dark, intense, dynamic, and very creative. After the routine you could tell the audience is really rooting for him.

Scores: Carrie Ann (9) + Len (9) + Julianne (10) + Bruno (10) = 38/40

Final Predictions

With Drew Scott out of the competition it all comes down to Jordan, Frankie, and Lindsey. After Monday night’s performances, I think the final two should be Jordan and Lindsey. They have been the most consistent this season with creative and memorable routines. But with that said, I still wouldn’t count out Frankie. I was impressed by how much the audience rallied behind him after his freestyle.

Personally, I would have to give my vote to Jordan as the winner this season. Not only was he the most consistent dancer, I think he’s one of the best stars to ever appear on the show, period. Also, I really want his partner Lindsay to finally get her first Mirror Ball Trophy.

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