‘Dancing with the Stars’ rankings: Who REALLY gave the best performance on ‘Movie Night’? [POLL]

Normani Kordei and Val Chmerkovskiy continued to dominate “Dancing with the Stars” on Monday night by earning the second perfect score of the season (40 out of 40) and winning immunity from elimination as well as three bonus points added to their already perfect marks. The remaining six couples had to duke it out in a series of dance-off routines to earn extra points. Of those dance-off competitors, Simone Biles, Rashad Jennings and Bonner Bolton were able to beat their challengers and earn two extra points.

At the end of the night, despite being at or near the bottom of the leaderboard for the last couple of weeks, David Ross and Bolton proved that scores don’t matter as they escaped the double elimination. Nancy Kerrigan and Nick Viall got the boot instead.

But who really performed the best on “Movie Night“? Below are my rankings of the individual routines as well as my thoughts on the dance offs. Read my analysis and then vote in our poll at the bottom of this post to decide who you think was the best.

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1. Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovskiy (Argentine Tango)

Song: “Quizas Quizas Quizas” by Jennifer Lopez (Foreign Film) — While training this week Kordei suffered an injury that sent her to a specialist for evaluation, but she showed no evidence of any injury on the dance floor. She once again found the best balance between the characterization and technique of her routine. She was precise with each movement, and with a perfect score, she and Chmerkovskiy won immunity!

My Pre-Show Predictions: 10 (Carrie Ann Inaba), 9 (Len Goodman), 10 (Mandy Moore), 10 (Bruno Tonioli) = 39

Actual Scores: 10 (Inaba), 10 (Goodman), 10 (Moore), 10 (Tonioli) = 40

2. Simone Biles & Sasha Farber (Charleston)

Song: “Charleston” by Bob Wilson & His Varsity Rhythm Boys (Silent Films) — This week has been busy for Biles and Farber as they traveled through the country for a few speaking engagements, but the Charleston is right up Biles’s alley. You can tell that she really enjoyed getting into character. The routine was really lighthearted and full of classic Charleston steps. She was so good I was expecting another 10 or two from the judges, but she only got one from Inaba.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 10 (Inaba), 10 (Goodman), 10 (Moore), 10 (Tonioli) = 40

Actual Scores: 10 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 9 (Moore), 9 (Tonioli) = 37

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3. Rashad Jennings & Emma Slater (Paso Doble)

Song: “Oh Fortuna” by Carl Orff (Horror Movies) — Jennings was really excited about his horror-themed paso doble, going as far as to develop a backstory for the dance. Once again he brought a strong sense of character to the performance. His paso was full of passion, drama, and intensity. And it was different to see Slater bring more lyrical movements to the dance. However, I did agree with Inaba and Goodman that there were a few wonky moments throughout.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 10 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 10 (Moore), 10 (Tonioli) = 39

Actual Scores: 9 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 10 (Moore), 9 (Tonioli) = 37

4. Nancy Kerrigan & Artem Chigvintsev (Tango)

Song: “Oh Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison (Romance) — Kerrigan was freaked out about being in jeopardy last week against Heather Morris, who was ultimately sent home. Kerrigan didn’t want to go through that feeling again. But despite the tension of the impending double elimination her spirits were up, and I was glad to see her smiling again. I loved the storytelling, technique, and content of her tango. This was definitely step up from last week’s paso doble. So her high scores were well deserved. It was sad to see Kerrigan eliminated at the end of the night. I had hoped she would survive for at least one more week.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 9 (Inaba), 10 (Goodman), 9 (Moore), 9 (Tonioli) = 37

Actual Scores: 9 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 9 (Moore), 9 (Tonioli) = 36

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5. Nick Viall & Peta Murgatroyd (Argentine Tango)

Song: “Dangerous” by David Guetta featuring Sam Martin (Action Movies)— Viall and Murgatroyd performed like it was their last dance — and it was. Murgatroyd decided to bring in her partner-in-life Maksim Chmerkovskiy to help Viall get a better understanding of the steps, and that paid off. This was definitely one of Viall’s better performances. Kudos to Murgatroyd for challenging Viall with the content, but there were moments when he got ahead of the music. However, like Inaba said, they were excellent at connecting with each other. He was eliminated at the end of the night with Kerrigan, but at least he went out with a bang.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 8 (Inaba), 8 (Goodman), 8 (Moore), 8 (Tonioli) = 32

Actual Scores: 8 (Inaba), 8 (Goodman), 9 (Moore), 9 (Tonioli) = 34

6. David Ross & Lindsay Arnold (Salsa)

Song: “Universal Mind Control” by Common (Science Fiction) — This week Ross and Arnold hoped to hit a home run with their sci-fi salsa. They agreed to have fun for the rest of the competition since Ross has already advanced farther than he expected to. I was glad to see Ross smile and have fun. He was definitely off in his timing a bit, and the dance lacked a lot of proper salsa moves, but the scores he received were spot-on.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 8 (Inaba), 8 (Goodman), 8 (Moore), 8 (Tonioli) = 32

Actual Score: 8 (Inaba), 8 (Goodman), 8 (Moore), 8 (Tonioli) = 32

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7. Bonner Bolton & Sharna Burgess (Paso Doble)

Song: “Rodeo: Four Dance Episodes” by Aaron Copland (Westerns) — Bolton seemed to be in disbelief that he’s still in the competition despite being near the bottom of the leaderboard for the last couple of weeks. This week he really embraced the western theme for his paso doble, which made sense because the western theme was right in the rodeo star’s comfort zone. But, um, where was the paso doble? I felt that he just moved around and barely did any actual paso moves. The 7s and 8s he got from the judges were a bit generous. I think it’s time for Bolton’s “DWTS” journey to end.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 8 (Inaba), 8 (Goodman), 8 (Moore), 8 (Tonioli) = 32

Actual Scores: 7 (Inaba), 7 (Goodman), 8 (Moore), 7 (Tonioli) = 29

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Simone Biles vs. Nancy Kerrigan (Cha Cha)

This turned out to be a pretty even match-up. I thought both ladies did an excellent job of infusing a lot of content into their brief head-to-head performance. Biles did a more modern cha cha while Kerrigan took a more traditional approach — the modern style won out.

Results: Simone (Inaba) + Simone (Goodman) + Simone (Moore) + Simone (Tonioli) + Simone (America’s Vote)

Rashad Jennigs vs. David Ross (Jive)

Jennings definitely out-danced and out-performed Ross. Jennings’s jive had more flicks and maintained the right timing more than Ross’s. I’m not sure why Ross selected the jive when he was challenged by Jennings. That was one of Ross’s weaker dances of the season. Unsurprisingly, Jennings capitalized on that decision and handily won the dance-off.

Results: Jennings (Inaba) + Jennings (Goodman) + Jennings (Moore) + Jennings (Tonioli) + Jennings (America’s Vote)

Bonner Bolton vs. Nick Viall (Rumba)

On paper this seemed like Viall’s to lose. However, Bolton really surprised me: he looked so natural and free for the first time this season. Viall held his own, but I thought Bolton was much better, and most of the judges agreed.

Results: Bolton (Inaba) + Bolton (Goodman) + Bolton (Moore) + Viall (Tonioli) + Bolton (America’s Vote)

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Now it’s going to come down to fan bases. I think the celebs in jeopardy will be Bolton, Jennings and Ross with Bolton leaving.

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