‘Dancing with the Stars’ recap: ‘Movie Night’ was inspired by movie genres, but double elimination was a tragedy

In week seven of “Dancing with the Stars,” the remaining seven competitors performed routines inspired by “A Night at the Movies,” which included genres from romance to horror to sci-fi, but for two contestants the ultimate genre was tragedy. A double elimination cut the show down to its final five competitors.

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Our predictions proved to be spot-on when predicting one celeb who was sent home, but the other ouster took many of us by surprise. Our collective forecast was right that “Bachelor” star Nick Viall would be on the chopping block. We gave him leading odds of 3/2, which translated to a 41% chance of being eliminated. But most of us didn’t expect figure skater Nancy Kerrigan to get the axe along with him. She was fourth in our predictions with 18/1 odds (6% chance of elimination). We thought there was a better chance of baseball player David Ross (9/4 odds, 30% chance of elimination) or bull rider Bonner Bolton (9/2 odds, 18% chance of elimination) getting the boot, but they both advance to the final five along with gymnast Simone Biles, football star Rashad Jennings and singer Normani Kordei.

Our predictions were fairly accurate in anticipating the night’s other outcomes, which is impressive since “A Night at the Movies” had a slightly different format. After their initial dances, the highest scorer received three bonus points and immunity from elimination, while the other six celebs were left to perform dance-offs against each other for two bonus points.

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As we expected, Kordei was the high scorer for the night, earning a perfect 40 out of 40 from the panel of judges for her Argentine tango inspired by foreign films. She probably didn’t need the immunity or bonus points to be safe for next week, but she’ll gladly take them just in case, especially after Heather Morris‘s shocking elimination last week. We gave Kordei leading odds of 5/6, or a 56% chance of topping the leaderboard.

Then the other six danced like their lives depended on it. Biles faced off against Kerrigan for side-by-side cha chas. They seemed well matched on the dance floor, but the judges were unanimous that Biles gave the better performance. Viewers at home agreed: the live TV audience got a chance to vote for their favorite performance in real time, and Biles received two-thirds of the vote against Kerrigan, but the judges’ decision was unanimous, so the fan votes didn’t factor in. Biles received two bonus points added to her silent-film Charleston score of 37 out of 40, bringing her to a total of 39.

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Then Jennings performed a jive dance against Ross, and though the judges tried to keep them in suspense about which performer they preferred, no one who watched the routines could have been surprised by Jennings’s victory — though when viewers voted Jennings earned just a little more than half of the audience’s support, which demonstrates just how strong Ross’s fan base is even when he is decisively out-danced. Nevertheless, Jennings took the two bonus points. When added to his horror-movie paso doble (37 out of 40), that gave Jennings 39 points for the night, tied with Biles.

Finally Viall and Bolton performed competing rumbas. That was another close call, but Bolton was the judges’ favorite and by far the viewers’ favorite. However, Bolton struggled with his western-inspired paso doble at the beginning of the night (29 out of 40), so even with the two bonus points from the judges he still wound up at the bottom of the leaderboard. That took us by surprise, but only slightly. We thought Ross would get the night’s lowest score (3/2 odds, 40% chance), but Bolton was right behind him (7/4 odds, 37% chance), so very many of us anticipated that result as well.

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Lastly, our odds correctly predicted how many 10s the judges gave out. We predicted five to nine (2/3 odds, 64% chance), and the judges did end up in that range, giving the contestants six perfect scores: four 10s to Kordei, one 10 to Biles, and one 10 to Jennings.

In our weekly predictions contest, an impressive eight users scored 100% by correctly answering all four of our prediction questions: who would get the high score (Kordei), who would get the low score (Bolton), who would be eliminated (Kerrigan or Viall), and how many 10s the judges would give out (5 to 9). Those users were Wesley Siems, ConstableReggie, longr2009, Adam, Margaret Varghese, TR & HT, Libby Bradley and Andrew.

Wesley Siems takes first place on our predictions leaderboard thanks to his wise betting. That includes his use of one of his 500-point big bets to forecast Viall’s elimination while he was at 7/4 odds, which by itself resulted in a payout of 875 points.

Check out the top 10 users in our predictions chart below. Click on the chart to see the complete predictions leaderboard so you can find out how well you did.

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What did you think of “A Night at the Movies” on “Dancing with the Stars”? Next week the show is down to its final five competitors, so the competition will be more demanding than ever. You can already make your predictions for next week here. You get to answer the following questions before each episode airs on ABC every Monday at 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET.:

Who will win “Dancing with the Stars”?

Who will be eliminated?

Who will get the HIGHEST judges’ score?

Who will get the LOWEST judges’ score?

How many 10s will the judges give out?

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Before you make your predictions, make sure to consult the judges’ scores from tonight’s episode, which along with viewer votes will determine who if anyone is sent home next week:

Normani Kordei — 40 + 3 = 43
Simone Biles — 37 + 2 = 39
Rashad Jennings — 37 + 2 = 39
Nancy Kerrigan — 36 (ELIMINATED)
Nick Viall — 34 (ELIMINATED)
David Ross — 32
Bonner Bolton — 29 + 2 = 31

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