‘Dancing with the Stars’ Halloween Night recap: Who scared up the best dances, and who got the axe? [UPDATING LIVE]

Week seven of “Dancing with the Star” season 25 celebrated “Halloween Night,” another imaginative theme week following the whimsy of “Disney Night” and the spectacle of “Movie Night.” But this Halloween was truly scary for the remaining eight competitors, who had to learn two dances instead of won, including the team dances which required them to work together. So who took advantage of their opportunities, who disappointed the judges, and who (if anyone) was eliminated at the end of the night? Scroll down for our complete minute-by-minute recap.

HGTV’s “Property Brothers” host Drew Scott had the lowest score going into this week’s show. His paso doble on “Movie Night” received decidedly mixed reviews and scored 30 out of 40 from the judges. Last week “DWTS” sent home Nick Lachey, who had the lowest score going into that episode, so it was up to Scott’s fans to save him from the chopping block. But Frankie Muniz and Victoria Arlen both scored only one point higher than Scott, so no one could rest on their laurels.

There is also the continued question of whether there’s still hope for anyone to overtake Jordan Fisher and Lindsey Stirling as this season’s frontrunners. Those two have been entangled at the top of our racetrack odds for the entire season thus far while the rest of the field seems to be in a race for third place. On “Halloween Night” not only did Fisher and Stirling perform the same dance style (paso doble), they also performed on the same team for the group routine. Did that help clarify the competition or just make the race that much closer?

Find out below in our live blog, which features commentary by me along with Gold Derby contributors Cordell Martin and Jeffrey KareAll times listed are Eastern.

Daniel Montgomery, 7:50pm — Ready for “Dancing with the Stars” tonight”?

Jeffrey Kare, 7:51pm — You bet I am.

DM, 7:55pm — Any last minute thoughts about who might be eliminated? I’m still predicting Drew Scott, but not confident.

JK, 7:55pm — I still have him predicted.

Cordell Martin, 7:56pm — I’m going with Nikki … Or Frankie?

JK, 7:57pm — We shall see who ends up doing better in their predictions.

CM, 7:59pm — Any perfect scores tonight?

JK, 7:59pm — At this point, either Jordan of Lindsey.

CM, 8:00pm — I can see Vanessa as well.

Victoria Arlen and Val Chmerkovskiy – Viennese Waltz – “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron

DM, 8:03pm — “Being in jeopardy was devastating,” said Victoria about last week’s results. And according to this week’s clip package Val struggled to bring out emotion and vulnerability from Victoria while training.

JUDGESLen Goodman said, “I thought the routine was super and you danced with a naturalness that was delightful … It was beautiful.” Bruno Tonioli added, “That was fluidly ethereal, beautiful to watch.” And Carrie Ann Inaba, rocking blue hair, concluded, “This time I definitely felt you were connected to your emotions … a magical routine.”

JK, 8:08pm — Their beginning seemed very Beetlejuice-like. Overall, I thought they both did a nice job.

CM, 8:08pm — I agree.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (9), Len (9), Bruno (9) = 27 out of 30

DM, 8:09pm — I thought that performance was lovely and the scores were just right.

CM, 8:10pm — Len and Carrie Ann will nitpick Jordan’s [upcoming] performance.

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold – Paso Doblé – “Animals” by Martin Garrix

DM, 8:14pm — Jordan and Lindsay will be channeling “Little Red Riding Hood” with a werewolf twist.

CM, 8:16pm — He killed it.

JK, 8:17pm — That was such an inventive routine!

JUDGES — Bruno said, “It was the biggest, baddest paso ever! And you are the undisputed leader of the pack. The choreography you managed is insane.” Carrie Ann added, “It’s a different side of you … It was aggressive, and you’re not normally an aggressive dancer … I thought it worked, and it was really powerful.” Len concluded, “There were plenty of tricks and plenty of treats … You little devil, you dance like an angel.”

DM, 8:19pm — None of the judges seemed to have much of any complaints about that. That was really excellent.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (10), Len (10), Bruno (10) = 30 out of 30

JK, 8:21pm — More than pretty good if you ask me.

DM, 8:21pm — I’m a little surprised they gave a perfect 30 out of 30 on the second dance of the night, but that was well deserved.

CM, 8:22pm — Me too.

DM, 8:22pm — I wonder if they’ll be more conservative for the rest of the night or really pour on the 10s.

CM, 8:22pm — I can see Lindsey and Vanessa also receiving 10s.

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev – Jive – “I Put a Spell on You” by Bette Midler (“Hocus Pocus” version)

DM, 8:25pm — I’m a little bit nervous about Nikki doing a jive. She’s been great at elegant ballroom styles and aggressive dances. I hope she pulls off the fast kicks and bounce.

JUDGES — Carrie Ann said, “I think you were concentrating too much … You were strong and sure of yourself” despite problems. Len added, “The footwork was sharp … It was clean and precise, just needed a bit more oomph.” Bruno concluded, “You started very well, there were a few mishaps and you couldn’t quite get into gear again.”

JK, 8:30pm — That was wonderfully energetic!

DM, 8:31pm — I thought it was solid, but not her best.

CM, 8:31pm — I wanted a little bit more.

DM, 8:31pm — I think the judges summed it up perfectly. The dancing was mostly solid, but it needed a bit more energy.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (8), Len (8), Bruno (8) = 24 out of 30

Vanessa Lachey and Maks Chmerkovskiy – Paso Doblé – “Game of Survival” by Ruelle

DM, 8:36pm — It’s going to be tough for Vanessa to follow Jordan’s paso doble. “My goal for this week is to get 10s,” said Maks. They’re going to need them, because they’re both hungry to make the finals and win the Mirror Ball Trophy.

JUDGES — Len said, “For me this was lacking a bit in paso doble choreography.” Bruno added, “You survived the onslaught of the walking dead.” And Carrie Ann concluded, “You are so powerful … but sometimes you lose your balance. Was there another wardrobe malfunction tonight?”

SCORES — Carrie Ann (8), Len (8), Bruno (8) = 24 out of 30

JK, 8:42pm — Wow, that was very imaginative.

CM, 8:42pm — Yes it was.

DM, 8:43pm — She had GREAT attack, but I kinda wanted a little more from the actual choreography.

Terrell Owens and Cheryl Burke – Tango – “Super Freak” by Rick James

DM, 8:47pm — I have high hopes for Terrell’s tango after really surprising me last week with his jive. And “Cheryl is challenging me more and more,” he said about his pro partner’s teaching.

CM, 8:50pm — That was okay.

JUDGES — Bruno said, “Super slick with a deadly bite, but always charming.” Carrie Ann added, “I think you’re better when there’s a lot of movement … I want you to be able to create motion even in stillness.” And Len concluded, “It was a difficult dance for you, but you captured that staccato feel.”

SCORES — Carrie Ann (8), Len (8), Bruno (9) = 25 out of 30.

JK, 8:52pm — While they had their high points, their routine overall was fine. That was bit overscored if you ask me.

DM, 8:53pm — I think Carrie Ann summed it up well. Terrell has done great with a lot of movements in his dances, but his tango felt a little restrained and stiff. It needed a little more intensity, the same way Nikki’s dance did.

Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas – Paso Doblé – “Roundtable Rival” by Lindsey Stirling

DM, 8:58pm — Apparently Lindsey suffered a rib injury during dress rehearsal on “Movie Night,” and that injury was a problem through training week. “I can’t even rehearse because I’m in so much pain,” she said on Sunday, the day before the live show. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to perform at all, but here she is thankfully!

DM, 9:03pm — “I’m in pain. I’m not going to lie. The paso doble is a beast,” said Lindsey before getting the judges comments.

JUDGES — Carrie Ann said, “The paso doble is not the beast, you are the beast … You were able to execute those shapes with strengths and bravery and conviction.” Len added, “You came out with attack and aggression.” Bruno concluded, “That was so ambitious and totally intriguing … It all worked extremely well.”

SCORES — Carrie Ann (9), Len (9), Bruno (9) = 27 out of 30

JK, 9:05pm — That was terrific!

CM, 9:05pm — Holy crap that was nuts!

DM, 9:06pm — Wow, if Vanessa didn’t have enough paso, Lindsey almost had too much. Poor girl, that was tough.

DM, 9:07pm — I agree with the judges scores, though. You could see how the injury affected her movements, and there were a lot of movements. The team dance should be the rest of the competitors just carrying her on their shoulders.

CM, 9:08pm — I hope she doesn’t end up dropping out.

JK, 9:08pm — If she does, then the competition will probably be Jordan’s to lose.

DM, 9:10pm — That would just be tragic. I think she and Jordan make each other better and keep pushing and challenging each other. If Lindsey has to drop out the rest of the season would lose so much of its competitive edge.

Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson – Contemporary – “Every Breath You Take” by Chase Holfelder

DM, 9:11pm — “Last week was a disaster,” Frankie admitted about last week’s “Movie Night” performance. “Let’s just forget that ever happened,” Lindsay agreed.

DM, 9:12pm — Frankie has been able to pull of the sensual intensity, let’s see if he can channel his inner creepy just as effectively.

JUDGES — Len said, “I’m not a fan of horror movies … but that was one and a half minutes of horror and that was fantastic.” Bruno added, “You two tonight were truly inspired … It was spine-tinglingly good.” Carrie Ann concluded, “It was riveting.”

CM, 9:16pmMuch better than last week.

JK, 9:16pm — That seemed like a huge improvement from last week.

DM, 9:16pm — Frankie is back!

SCORES — Carrie Ann (10), Len (10), Bruno (10) = 30 out of 30

DM, 9:17pm — The first perfect score for Frankie Muniz and well deserved. More and more I’m hoping he makes the finals.

JK, 9:18pm — Here’s hoping he doesn’t end up being eliminated tonight.

DM, 9:19pm — Man, imagine if Frankie were eliminated AND Lindsey had to withdraw. They should cancel the season early and just give the trophy to Jordan.

Drew Scott and Emma Slater – Charleston – “Remains of the Day” by Danny Elfman

DM, 9:23pm — “It just kind of rips the heart out of you,” said Drew about his low scores from the judges last week. And this week he’s balancing this week’s two dances with shooting his TV show.

JUDGES — Bruno said, “That was murder on the dance floor at its most delicious … You kept up with the change of tempo, which is very hard.” Carrie Ann added, “Kind of quirky but it works … You are so in sync … I think it was one of your best dances so far.” And Len concluded, “Last week you were dead and buried. This week you’ve come back to life.”

SCORES — Carrie Ann (9), Len (9), Bruno (9) = 27 out of 30

JK, 9:29PM — That was a pretty clever routine. I like how they danced to that song from Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride.”

CM, 9:30pm — Drew better hope he doesn’t get a samba next week.

DM, 9:31pm — This was an improvement for Drew even with the fall near the end of the routine. For someone so tall, he’s really good at swift leg movements and using his long limbs to his creative advantage.


First couple announced safe — Jordan and Lindsay

First couple in jeopardy — Terrell and Cheryl

Second couple announced safe — Lindsay and Mark

Second couple in jeopardy — Nikki and Artem

DM, 9:36pm — And an interesting twist announced for next week’s trios round: past contestants included Kelly Monaco, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Corbin Bleu will join the current contestants.

CM, 9:38pm — Interesting twist. Hopefully Mya or Normani Kordei comes back.

JUDGES — Len said, “This was a bit messy … There was too much wheeling and dealing. The actual individual dancing I liked … It was just a bit broken up for me.” Bruno added, “To keep the kicks and flicks in time when there’s eight of you is impossible … We’re looking at the overall synchronicity,” but they missed. Carrie Ann concluded, “It didn’t engage me as an audience … I don’t think it all quite came together.”

SCORES — Carrie Ann (8), Len (8), Bruno (8) = 24 out of 30

DM, 9:45pm — I’m so impressed by the choreography of that routine. Great individual moments and well coordinated group moments.

JK, 9:45pm — Absolutely great work from all of them.

CM, 9:45pm — Well “Phantom” will get the higher score.

DM, 9:46pm — I’m shocked by how critical the judges have been, I liked it a lot better than the judges did.

CM, 9:46pm — I should’ve know the judges would be critical of them.

DM, 9:47pm — Assuming Team Phantom does at least a little better, Frankie’s getting the top of the leaderboard, and if Nikki or Terrell survives this week they’re in trouble next week.


Third couple announced safe — Frankie and Witney

Third couple in jeopardy — Drew and Emma

Fourth couple announced safe — Victoria and Val

Fourth couple in jeopardy — Vanessa and Maks

CM, 9:55pm — They killed it.

JK, 9:55pm — What an amazing dance for The Phantom of the Opera!

DM, 9:55pm — Yeah, I’ve got to give this to Team Phantom too.

JUDGES — Bruno said, “That was splendid, theatrical … Absolutely genius, flawless in construction.” Carrie Ann, “That was the most fantastic, exquisite team dance.” Len concluded, “That was the most polished dance.”

SCORES — Carrie Ann (10), Len (10), Bruno (10) = 30

CM, 9:57pm — Well deserved.

JK, 9:57pm — And a well-deserved perfect score!


Couple in jeopardy now safe — Drew and Emmy

Couple in jeopardy now safe — Terrell and Cheryl

TWO couples eliminated — Vanessa and Maks, Nikki and Artem

CM, 10:01pm — What the hell?

JK, 10:01pm — WOW! Didn’t see that coming at all!

DM, 10:01pm — I understand having a double elimination, but to sneak-attack eliminate both couples without telling them or anyone else it was coming seemed unnecessarily cruel to me.

CM, 10:02pm — I agree. Well I knew Nikki would be leaving. We only have two women left.


1. Frankie Muniz — 30 + 30 = 60

2. Victoria Arlen — 27 + 30 = 57

2. Drew Scott — 27 + 30 = 57

4. Jordan Fisher — 30 + 24 = 54

4. Vanessa Lachey — 24 + 30 = 54 (ELIMINATED)

6. Lindsey Stirling — 27 + 24 = 51

7. Terrell Owens — 25 + 24 = 49

8. Nikki Bella — 24 + 24 = 48 (ELIMINATED)

Final Predictions Contest Results

Who was eliminated? Nikki Bella AND Vanessa Lachey

Who got the judges’ HIGHEST score? Frankie Muniz (60 out of 60)

Who got the judges’ LOWEST score? Nikki Bella (48 out of 60)

How many 10s did the judges give out? 5 to 9 — 9 to be exact

Which judge gave the MOST overall points? Bruno Tonioli (90)

Which judge gave the FEWEST overall points? Len Goodman AND Carrie Ann Inaba (89)

Did Carrie Ann Inaba comment on an unauthorized lift? No

Be sure to make your predictions so that the contestants can see how they’re faring in our racetrack odds. You can keep changing your predictions until just before the next episode airs every Monday on ABC. You’ll compete to win a spot on our leaderboard and eternal bragging rights. See our contest rules and sound off with other fans in our reality TV forum. Read more Gold Derby entertainment news.

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