‘Dancing with the Stars’ week 4 rankings: Who gave the best performance on ‘Most Memorable Year’ night? [POLL]

After a night of emotional routines on “Dancing with the Stars” NFL star Rashad Jennings and his partner Emma Slater topped the judges’ leaderboard with an emotional and beautiful contemporary routine that earned the first 10s of the season and a remarkable total score of 39 out of 40. Simone Biles was also able to bounce back to second place after dropping down a few spots on the leaderboard for the last two weeks.

Heather Morris, Normani Kordei, David Ross and Nancy Kerrigan continued to receive praise and relatively high scores from the judges. Meanwhile, Bonner Bolton, Nick Viall, Mr. T and Erika Jayne all received their highest scores of the season. But at the end of the night we said goodbye to Mr. T.

Listed below is how I would rank Monday night’s performances from best to worst. After reading my analysis vote in our poll at the bottom of this post to let us know who you think gave the best performance of the night.

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1. Rashad Jennings & Emma Slater (Contemporary)

Most Memorable Year: 2006, the year his father suffered a stroke and had his leg amputated — Jennings is the real deal. I would even dare to say that he’s the best football player to appear on this show. Week in and week out he pours his heart and soul into each dance. This routine was emotional, lyrical and beautiful. I think people should now take a serious look at Jennings as the potential Mirror Ball champion. He received the first 10s of the season, and they were well deserved!

My Pre-Show Predictions: 10 (Carrie Ann Inaba), 9 (Len Goodman), 9 (Julianne Hough), 9 (Bruno Tonioli) = 37

Actual Scores: 10 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 10 (Hough), 10 (Tonioli) = 39

2. Simone Biles & Sasha Farber (Viennese Waltz)

Most Memorable Year: 2000, the year she was adopted — Biles and Jennings definitely had two of the most emotional dances of the night. I think Biles in the last couple of weeks struggled to be herself in each dance. However, this week she was able to let down her guard, be vulnerable and truly feel the dance. Athletes, especially gymnasts, have had difficulty showing emotion, so I thought it was great to see that come out of her. But I would’ve loved to see her get a 10 or two from the judges instead of just straight 9s.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 9 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 9 (Tonioli) = 36

Actual Scores: 9 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 9 (Tonioli) = 36

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3. Heather Morris & Alan Bersten (Cha Cha)

Most Memorable Year: 2015, the year she got married — As usual, Morris executed her routine with ease and finesse, and it was nice to see a lighthearted dance as a break from the more emotional performances from the night. The routine was fun, full of hip action and entertaining. Ironically, I think the injury of Morris’s regular pro partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy might have actually helped her. I feel that she and Bersten complement each other well, and I see her more engaged in each dance than she was with Chmerkovskiy. She definitely deserved all 9s for this performance. She’s slowly inching her way to getting that perfect score.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 9 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 9 (Tonioli) = 36

Actual Scores: 8 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 9 (Tonioli) = 35

4. Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovskiy (Rumba)

Most Memorable Year: 2012, the year when her group Fifth Harmony was formed — Kordei does a great job of commanding your attention. I thought her rumba had a lot of hip action and was sultry. She also brings out the emotion of each dance. I thought it was a great way to open the show, but once again she was underscored by the judges. Really, a 7 from Goodman? I agree with Tonioli’s score: this dance deserved 9s.

My Pre-Show Predictions:  9 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 10 (Hough), 10 (Tonioli) = 38

Actual Scores: 8 (Inaba), 7 (Goodman), 8 (Hough), 9 (Tonioli) = 32

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5. Nancy Kerrigan & Artem Chigvintsev (Foxtrot)

Most Memorable Year: 1996, the year she had her first child — After having a breakthrough last week on “Vegas Night” Kerrigan’s confidence is showing more in her performances. This week’s foxtrot was another beautiful dance. It was full of content and very lyrical. My only criticism is that sometimes she’s a bit wobbly in her turns, but I agree with her judges’ scores.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 9 (Inaba), 10 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 9 (Tonioli) = 37

Actual Scores: 8 (Inaba), 9 (Goodman), 8 (Hough), 8 (Tonioli) = 33

6. David Ross & Lindsay Arnold (Viennese Waltz)

Most Memorable Year: 2016, the year the Chicago Cubs won the World Series and he retired — It was great to see Ross perform another ballroom routine. I love how his pro partner Arnold doesn’t just rely on his comedic personality but also challenges him by adding enough content to the routine. I do agree with the judges that it was a bit jumpy, and he tends to stick out his butt a lot throughout the dance. Based on their comments, I thought he would receive all 7s instead of three 8s.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 9 (Inaba), 8 (Goodman), 9 (Hough), 8 (Tonioli) = 34

Actual Score: 7 (Inaba), 8 (Goodman), 8 (Hough), 8 (Tonioli) = 31

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7. Bonner Bolton & Sharna Burgess (Foxtrot)

Most Memorable Year: 2016, the year he suffered a near fatal rodeo accident — Ballroom is definitely Bolton’s wheelhouse. Like Nick Viall (see below), this was the most comfortable I’ve seen Bolton this season. However, there were times when he was a bit stiff and slow during the dance. But at least it was a step up from last week’s disastrous Charleston. I was not surprised by the scores.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 8 (Inaba), 7 (Goodman), 8 (Hough), 7 (Tonioli) = 30

Actual Scores: 8 (Inaba), 8 (Goodman), 8 (Hough), 8 (Tonioli) =  32

8. Nick Viall & Peta Murgatroyd (Rumba)

Most Memorable Year: 2016, the year he found love on “The Bachelor” — I loved the opening with Viall dancing with the different female troupe members to symbolize his seasons on ABC’s dating competition series. This is definitely the most comfortable we’ve seen him this season. With that said, he’s still a bit stiff during certain parts of the dance. Great effort, though.

My Pre-Show Predictions:  7 (Inaba), 7 (Goodman), 7 (Hough), 7 (Tonioli) = 28

Actual Scores: 8 (Inaba), 7 (Goodman), 8 (Hough), 7 (Tonioli) = 30

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9. Erika Jayne & Gleb Savchenko (Cha Cha)

Most Memorable Year: 1989, the year she moved from Georgia to New York to become a star — I feel that Jayne is becoming a one-trick pony with her sultry vixen persona. Her partner Savchenko really needs to use his choreography to bring out a different side of her before it’s too late. The routine was safe, but nothing spectacular or unique. I really hope that we get to see an elegant and refined side to Jayne next week. Frankly, I was surprised to see her receive 8s from any of the judges. I think that she’s a goner next week.

My Pre-Show Predictions: 7 (Inaba), 7 (Goodman), 8 (Hough), 8 (Tonioli) = 30

Actual Scores: 8 (Inaba), 7 (Goodman), 7 (Hough), 8 (Tonioli) = 30

10. Mr. T & Kym Herjavek (Waltz)

Most Memorable Year: 1995, the year he was diagnosed with cancer — Herjavek did an admirable job of choreographing simple yet effective routines for Mr. T. Although he walked instead of danced throughout the performance, you can’t help but be inspired by his story of illness and personal faith. He was eliminated at the end of the night, but I thought this was a great, uplifting routine for him to leave on. He received his highest scores of the season — a positive way to end his journey on “Dancing With the Stars.”

My Pre-Show Predictions:  7 (Inaba),  7 (Goodman), 7 (Hough), 7 (Tonioli) = 28

Actual Scores: 7 (Inaba), 7 (Goodman), 7 (Hough), 7 (Tonioli) = 28

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I predict that Erika Jayne and Nick Viall will end up in jeopardy with Jayne leaving in ninth place.

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