Daniel Kaluuya (‘Get Out’) on how ‘the disease of racism’ has affected him in his own life [WATCH]

Writer-director Jordan Peele thought of “Get Out” as representing a quintessential African-American experience, but British actor Daniel Kaluuya explained, “This is a black experience. This is everyone within the Western construct that is black.” Kaluuya discussed his own experiences of racism and how he could relate to the film when he, Peele, and co-star Allison Williams discussed the film recently in New York City. Watch above.

Get Out” is a satirical horror film intended to convey the inherent danger black people often face in predominantly white spaces, “and that’s why it resonated worldwide,” Kaluuya said. He stars as Chris Washington, whose concerns about visiting his girlfriend’s white family turn out to be well-founded. “I was just opening up about what I’ve gone through and the stuff I’ve had to experience just to work in America because of the systematic oppression back home. It just has a different behavioral language in England … but the disease of racism is coming from the same place.”

Kaluuya discussed the challenges of coming from a working-class background and participating in the more upper-class British theater community. On top the everyday microaggressions, he had to sue the London police for mistaking him for a drug dealer. “Yeah, that wasn’t fun, guys,” he said. “It’s been like that since I was 12-years-old because I’m from the estates — which is the projects back home … I’m doing something positive with my life, and I still end up in a cell — what’s that? And that’s what really resonated with me in this script.”

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