David Scarpa (‘All the Money in the World’ writer) chats ‘Shakespearean drama’ about ‘the role [money] plays in our lives’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

During our recent webcam chat (watch the exclusive video above), “All the Money in the World” screenwriter David Scarpa reveals he was initially drawn to the idea because he wanted to write about “money, and the role it plays in our lives.” Ridley Scott‘s new film tells the true story of the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III (Charlie Plummer), and the desperate attempts by his devoted mother (Michelle Williams) to get his billionaire grandfather, J. Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer), to pay the ransom. Scarpa adapted his script from John Pearson‘s book of the same title, which “struck me as a jumping off point for a Shakespearean drama about a man who loves his grandson, but is so addicted to money that he can’t bring himself to pay the ransom.”

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The film has had a bumpy ride on its way to release. Scott re-shot much of the film with Plummer taking over the role originally played by Kevin Spacey, who was cut following allegations of sexual assault. When Scarpa was first called to an emergency meeting and told the film would still make its Christmas release date despite the time crunch, “I honestly walked out of there not believing they were going to do it.” Yet “once they had all the actors on board, there was no question that they were going to be able to do it, because Ridley knows pretty much immediately what he can do and what he can’t do. There’s never any question once he says he’s going to do something whether or not he can do it.”

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Scarpa also penned “The Last Castle” (2001) and “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (2008). “All the Money in the World” recently snagged Golden Globe nominations for Scott as Best Director, Williams as Best Drama Actress, and Plummer as Best Supporting Actor.

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