2017 Daytime Emmy reels: Finola Hughes (‘GH’) considers vengeance in Best Supporting Actress submission [WATCH]

The 2017 Daytime Emmy Awards will be handed out on April 30, but the winners in the soap opera acting categories have already been decided by blue ribbon panels that viewed sample performance reels. In the race for Best Supporting Actress, Finola Hughes (“General Hospital”) is nominated for the sixth time as Anna Devane, a role she has played sporadically since 1985. For playing Anna on “GH”, she has been nominated for Supporting Actress twice (2015, 2017), and for Best Actress three times (1990, 1991, 2016), winning in 1991. She also received two Best Actress nominations (2000, 2002) for playing Anna and twin sister Alex Devane on “All My Children.” Trying to win her first Emmy in 26 years, Hughes has submitted scenes where her character deals with loss and revenge. Watch her reel above.

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After a short scene showing Anna nervously waiting for a blind date, we see her have a conversation with her daughter Robin (Kimberly McCullough) as Robin prepares to take a new job that will require her to move away. Anna is sad to see her go, but tells her that despite how much she will miss her, Robin needs to seize the opportunity and be the inspiring woman that Anna knows she can be.

In the next scene Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) points a gun at his nemesis Carlos Rivera (Supporting Actor nominee Jeffrey Vincent Parise), but Anna tries to convince him not to pull the trigger. Anna has as much reason to kill Carlos as anyone, as Carlos was responsible for the death of Anna’s lover Duke Lavery. But Anna realizes that it would betray Duke’s memory to allow Carlos to be murdered rather than face justice.

In the final scene, Carlos and Anna are in separate jail cells. Anna rages at Carlos for taking Duke away from her and her family, and relishes the idea that Carlos will now be separated from his. Carlos taunts Anna, saying that Duke was not the angel she thought he was, but Anna is unconvinced. Duke, she claims, was about to start a new life with her, but thanks to Carlos, that opportunity was stolen.

Will Hughes win Best Supporting Actress with this performance against Stacy Haiduk (“The Young and the Restless”), Anna Maria Horsford (“The Bold and the Beautiful”), Kate Mansi (“Days of Our Lives”) and Kelly Sullivan (“Y&R”)? Let’s consider the pros and cons.

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Hughes’s reel shows a great deal of range and sympathy. Voters might empathize with her scenes as she deals with her daughter moving on to a new life. She shows true desperation as she begs Sonny to let Carlos live and face justice. And in her final scenes with Carlos she shows both contempt and anger towards a man who robbed her of the love of her life.

Hughes is a beloved daytime veteran, and it has been over 25 years since her last win. Voters could feel she is overdue for her second Emmy victory.

“General Hospital” has been victorious in this category 8 times, more than any other soap. That could give Hughes an advantage here, especially considering that she is the only nominee from “GH” in this category.

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Because the reel contains scenes of varying tones and storylines, voters may find it a bit choppy and hard to follow. It also ends abruptly with a revelation that could leave voters wanting more.

Hughes doesn’t have the big emotional fireworks that we see in other reels in this category. Her acting is more subtle, which could cost her if voters want a performance with greater dramatic impact.

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