‘Doctor Who’: ‘The Doctor Falls’ rises to the top as the best episode of the season, according to our readers

“The Doctor Falls,” but he also rises to the top. According to our recent poll of “Doctor Who” fans, the season finale episode, “The Doctor Falls,” was the very best of season 10 of “Doctor Who,” which just concluded a week ago on July 1. Do you agree?

The Doctor Falls” was an eventful finale. On-board a space station struggling to escape the gravitational pull of a black hole, the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) tried to save the survivors of the station from an assault by the Cybermen, who were gathering their strength and preparing an invasion from a lower floor. This required the Doctor to face his fellow Time Lord and nemesis Missy (Michelle Gomez), as well as Missy’s previous form, the Master (John Simm). And it will ultimately result in his self-sacrifice as the Doctor began to regenerate into his next form after being mortally injured. But Capaldi will stick around through the Christmas special at the end of the year before hanging up his sonic screwdriver.

More than a third of our readers (36%) voted for “The Doctor Falls,” followed closely by the penultimate episode, “World Enough and Time” (32%), which introduced the storyline of the doomed space station. Both of those finale episodes were written by showrunner Steven Moffat and directed by Rachel Talalay.

There was a steep drop-off between those episodes and the rest of the episodes of season 10. “Extremis” came in third place with 10% of the vote; that was the beginning of a three-part adventure in which alien monks plotted the takeover of Earth by creating an incredibly lifelike Earth simulation. Ranking fourth with 7% was the season premiere, “The Pilot,” which introduced us to the Doctor’s new companion Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) as well as an alien liquid that followed Bill across the cosmos. And rounding out the top five with 5% was “Oxygen,” in which the Doctor and Bill tried to save a space station full of astronauts that were being threatened by their own spacesuits.

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