‘Doctor Who’ companion: What did you think of Bill (Pearl Mackie) in her first adventure? [POLL]

Companions come and go regularly on “Doctor Who.” The title time traveler (Peter Capaldi) has lived for centuries, and the show itself has been on the air in one form or another since 1963, so turnover has always been built into the fabric of the series. On April 15, in the premiere of the 10th season of the show’s modern era, viewers were introduced to the Doctor’s latest companion, Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie). What did you think of her? Vote in our poll below, and read our complete recap of the season premiere.

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In “The Pilot,” Bill first encounters the Doctor on campus at a university: he’s masquerading as a professor, and he has been for quite some time — perhaps for decades. He’s taken notice of her attentiveness and curiosity in his class, which she attends even though she isn’t even enrolled. He doesn’t intend to groom her as his next companion. At first he just wishes to nurture her intellect and takes her on for one-on-one tutoring. But danger follows the Doctor wherever he goes, so Bill finds herself threatened by an alien substance that has the ability to take human form. After the crisis has ended the Doctor prepares to wipe her memory but reluctantly decides to bring her along for future adventures instead.

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Many companions have come before her, but Bill is groundbreaking in one important way: she is the Doctor’s first openly gay companion. We learn this about her from the very first episode, in which she develops a crush on a young woman named Heather (Stephanie Hyam), who tragically becomes a victim of the alien substance. Will Bill bring a unique new perspective to the series? Will she go on to be one of the Doctor’s best companions? Let us know below by voting in our poll, responding in the comments, and joining the discussion in our famous forums.

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