‘Doctor Who’: What was the best episode of season 10?

Doctor Who” aired its season 10 finale on Saturday, July 1, concluding a season that introduced a new companion, Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie), and set the stage for actor Peter Capaldi‘s departure as the title character, a millennia-old Time Lord who travels through space and time. Emmy-winner Steven Moffat has been the showrunner since 2010, and he too is on his way out. Their last hurrah will be the Christmas special that airs at the end of the year, after which Chris Chibnall (“Broadchurch”) will take over a showrunner and an as-yet-unknown actor will take Capaldi’s place to become the 13th Doctor in the show’s 54-year history.

But now that the main season 10 is over, which episode do you think was the highlight of the season? Click on the episode titles below to be taken to our in-depth recaps, and then vote in our poll at the bottom of this post.

The Pilot” — The Doctor meets Bill, a curious young woman attending his university lectures. Together they solve a mystery about an alien liquid substance that seems to be following them across space and time.

Smile” — The Doctor brings Bill to a distant colony, where robot assistants communicate with emojis and kill you if you’re unhappy.

Thin Ice” — The Doctor and Bill investigate a 19th century frost fair, in which Londoners gather on the frozen River Thames … and are sometimes eaten by a sea monster.

Knock Knock” — Bill rents a house with a group of friends, but the Doctor is suspicious, and for good reason. The house is made up of alien insects that periodically eat the residents.

Oxygen” — In a future when corporations demand top dollar for the air your breath, the Doctor sacrifices his eyesight to save Bill from spacesuits that kill their wearers.

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Extremis” — The Doctor visits the Vatican at the request of the pope himself. Biblical scholars have been committing suicide, and the Doctor discovers that the whole world is nothing but a simulation created by a race of alien monks to prepare for an invasion.

The Pyramid at the End of the World” — After running their simulations, the monks have arrived to take over the world, but they need the consent of humans. To save the Doctor’s life, Bill gives her consent and the aliens begin their occupation.

The Lie of the Land” — The monk have rewritten history in order to strengthen their hold on Earth. Bill’s memories are all that stand between them and continued world domination.

Empress of Mars” — The Ice Warriors, a race of lizard creatures native to Mars, encounter a group of soldiers bent on expanding the British Empire to the red planet.

The Eaters of Light” — What happened to the Ninth Legion of the Roman Empire? The Doctor and Bill investigate and uncover inter-dimensional creatures that wish to swallow our universe whole.

World Enough and Time” — The Doctor hopes to make his Time Lord nemesis Missy (Michelle Gomez) into a hero by bringing her to a space station where the gravitational pull of a black hole affects the passage of time.

The Doctor Falls” — The Doctor tries to save the passengers on the space station while battling Missy and the Master (John Simm) and helping Bill cope with being turned into a Cyberman.

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