‘Doctor Who’ preview: ‘The Eaters of Light’ is ‘unlike anything we’ve seen in the series so far’ [WATCH]

“Picts versus Romans,” says Peter Capaldi, setting the stage for this season’s 10th episode of “Doctor Who,” “The Eaters of Light,” which premieres on June 17. “The Doctor and Bill go to Scotland,” he adds, and it takes a page out of history to get to the bottom of a real-life, eons-old mystery. Above, watch Capaldi and his co-star Pearl Mackie preview the episode, which was written by Rona Munro and directed by Charles Palmer.

“We meet some pretty cool Romans, and we also meet some pretty cool Picts that are pretty ferocious,” Mackie adds. “We discover some crazy monsters that are unlike anything that we’ve seen in the series so far, and we finally answer the question, what happened to the Ninth Legion?” The Ninth Legion was a part of the Roman imperial army. It formed in the first century BC, but there’s no record of them after the year 120 AD. “Eaters of Light” speculates about what might have happened to them during a battle with the Picts in the northern reaches of Britain.

This is the second time this season that “Doctor Who” has tapped into real history for a sci-fi adventure. In “Thin Ice” the Doctor and Bill visited a 19th century frost fair atop an iced-over River Thames — the real-life frost fairs probably included fewer man-eating fish monsters, but like the fate of the Ninth Legion, perhaps those details were simply lost to history.

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