Emmy jitters! Will ‘bonkers’ new rules lead to name-checking, or help passionate choices like ‘The Leftovers’?

Now that the first round of 2017 Emmy voting is over, Gold Derby’s savvy forum posters aren’t too sure what to make of the new voting procedure. In years past Emmy voters were encouraged to mark off a specific number of choices in each category, but the new rules in effect this year instruct TV academy members to “Vote for as many achievements in this category that you have seen and feel are worthy of a nomination.”

Will the new Emmy rules lead to mediocre contenders earning nominations due to blatant name-checking, or might it help passionate niche choices get noticed? Be sure to join the discussion right now in our TV forums, where our reader Miles Allen declares, “I think that this rule change is bonkers.” Below, see a sampling of just some of their intuitive comments.

jacob121: “I am really struggling to reconcile how this might affect the nominations. Unfortunately, I feel that it will tend to favor more populist choices over passionate underdogs.”

Hunterbergfeld: “With unlimited spots, voters might have leftover votes. Literally. Since they can vote for as many as they want, and they might add ‘The Leftovers’ to the mix out of buzz. It happens all the time when the voters probably don’t watch the shows but nominate it because the buzz is too loud. With unlimited spots, that makes it even easier.”

forwardswill: “People who are hoping for outsiders from little watched shows to scrape in are going to be very disappointed on nomination morning. [But] don’t give up on Mary Elizabeth Winstead just yet. She could still ride the wave if they go big on ‘Fargo’ again.”

helmetz: “I’m not wild about this system at all. On my ballot for drama writing, I deliberately kept it at 5 choices. These were 5 drama scripts about which I felt strongly, and I knew that if I threw in 10 more titles for the heck of it, my passion votes would suddenly have no value.”

pulp50: “I really don’t like this new rule, and I agree, shows with passion votes will likely not make it over more popular shows.”

Bee: “This means more name checking. So ‘Modern Family,’ Viola Davis, ‘House Of Cards,’ Uzo Aduba, maybe Taraji P. Henson have ‘good’ chances.”

leothescorpio: “The Emmys now have the prestige of the People’s Choice Awards tbh.”

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