‘Fargo’ episode 2 recap: Top 5 moments from ‘The Principle of Restricted Choice’

The second episode of the third season of “Fargo,” entitled “The Principle of Restricted Choice,” aired Wednesday night on FX, continuing the series’ tone of brutal crime mixed with the sweet homeyness of its Middle America setting. The crime element of the story is still unraveling and, honestly, this part of the show was a bit of a strain to pay attention to. As the episodes proceed into the season we will hopefully get more involved in the caper that the twins played by Ewan McGregor are perpetrating. In our recap below, we analyze the Top 5 moments from “Fargo” Season 3, Episode 2.

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The elderly man who can’t Google — The folksiness of the series (as with the Coen brothers film it is based on) continued with a lawyer that Ewan McGregor visits. After McGregor left the office the man tries to Google a name and is baffled by how nothing happens on the computer screen. His secretary then tells him to press “enter” to which he responds, “What is that?” The two then puzzle over if the electricity is off and then comically look up to see if the lights are still on.

The lawyer is killed — In a scene that continues the tradition of sudden brutal deaths on the show, the lawyer is in a parking structure when two thugs suddenly appear and flip the man over the wall of the parking facility. It was a shockingly quick death.

The brothers try to get along — McGregor gives a technically excellent performance in a scene in which he played both brothers sitting outside and trying to mend their relationship. McGregor has created two uniquely different characters in Ray and Emmit Stussy.

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The police station in the libraryCarrie Coon as Gloria Burgle is continuing in the vein of Frances McDormand in the film and Allison Tolman in Season 1 as the strong yet comical female law officer with a core dignity. Burgle gets dressed down by a superior officer who sums up the problem with the law enforcement office being that they don’t really have one. The police are using storage space in a local library complete with librarians shelving books as the cops discuss murders. Burgle is still using a telex machine to communicate and when her superior tells her those are not being used much in this century, she innocently responds that that probably explains why she never gets any response.

David Thewlis as V.M. Varga — Varga arrives with boxes and his own staff to take over the parking lot business owned by Emmitt Stussy. Thewlis is wonderfully slimy and menacing in this scene and could emerge as a possible Emmy contender if he keeps up this level of work.

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