Samantha Bee examines Donald Trump’s taint, but it’s not what you think – or maybe it is [WATCH]

On July 26, Samantha Bee discussed the taint of Donald Trump on “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” and it wasn’t pretty. Specifically, she was interested in how Teflon Don has been able to lie and offend with impunity while those who support and defend him end up paying the price instead. That’s even true of poor Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Watch Bee’s segment above.

“I have my issues with your antebellum house elf, but Jefferson Beauregard Antietam Sessions is nothing if not loyal — to the confederacy, and to you,” Bee explained to Trump. “And how did you repay that sweet puppy-dog devotion? The same way you always repay your friends: by publicly throwing them under the bus — or the truck, or the fire engine, or whatever oversized Tonka toy your babysitters roll onto the White House law. Vroom!”

Donald Trump has publicly criticized Sessions for recusing himself from the investigation into links between Trump’s election campaign team and Russian officials, “but he’s also in trouble with the Senate for doing the wrong thing and lying about his activities on behalf of the Trump campaign.” That makes Sessions the latest victim of Trump’s “spreading taint,” which has taken everyone from Billy Bush to Sean Spicer and ruined their reputations, careers, or both.

What do you think of Bee’s latest episode? Will her continued deconstructions of the Trump administration help “Full Frontal” win its seven Emmy nominations? Watch the full segment above and decide for yourself.

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