Winter is coming to Ed Sheeran’s Twitter: Singer quits after ‘Game of Thrones’ reactions

Hell hath no fury like online fans of sci-fi and fantasy forced to put up with literally any change whatsoever. There was a predictable firestorm on Sunday over the announcement of the first ever female Doctor on “Doctor Who,” but on Sunday night there was also backlash about another beloved genre series: “Game of Thrones.” Specifically, some fans of “Thrones” were not too pleased about Ed Sheeran‘s guest appearance in the season premiere, and Sheeran deleted his account shortly thereafter, though he didn’t specify that “Thrones” trolls were the reason. Internet, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Sheeran appeared on “Thrones” as a Lannister soldier encountered by Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) as she makes her way to King’s Landing. She admits to the soldiers that she plans to kill Queen Cersei (Lena Headey), but they take it as a joke. Sheeran sings a song by the campfire, and the soldiers offer Arya food — and that was about it. But when you combine the popularity of Sheeran with the outspoken fandom of “Game of Thrones,” there was always the potential for it to explode like the wildfire Cersei used to immolate a church full of her enemies last season.

What did you think of Sheeran’s guest spot on “Game of Thrones”? Do you think the Twitter backlash is way out of proportion? Discuss this and more with your fellow “Thrones” fans in our forums. Also be sure to keep voting in our poll about what you thought of Sheeran’s debut performance.

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