‘Game of Thrones’ episode 7.5 video recap: Jon Snow readies for battle against white walkers in ‘Eastwatch’ [WATCH]

Midway through its seventh season, Emmy-winning fantasy blockbuster “Game of Thrones” continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its addictive mix of spectacle, intrigue and drama. Gold Derby is presenting weekly video recaps with our staff of writers and editors (watch above), and this week senior editors Marcus James DixonMatt Noble and Rob Licuria are joined by contributing writers Charles Bright and Zach Laws to dish the highs and lows of Episode 5 of this seventh season of “Game of Thrones,” titled “Eastwatch.”

“Winter is here, the white walkers are marching with their tiki torches!” Dixon remarks tongue-in-cheek as we open up the discussion with each of our highlights from the episode. “I think Westeros needs some global warming up in here because it’s just too cold,” he adds. “This season is so fantastic. We are getting reunion after reunion after reunion. This is a show seven years in the making and it feels like we have earned these reunions and they are all so fantastic.”

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“It was another amazing episode, we’ve got lots to talk about,” Licuria says. “Talking about highlights, I really love how the two sides, apart from the white walkers and the night king, the two sides below the wall are women, very strong, kinda crazy women.”

Bright jokes, “There are a lot of things I loved about it, but my first thoughts after the episode was Sam’s going to have some major library fines, and my second thought, right after the execution scene where the dragon burns the two people, I just thought to myself, is it wrong that I am really hungry for BBQ right now? Other than that, you are really seeing this whole thing come to a head. Everyone is on even ground now. We’re just waiting to see how all of this is going to collide.”

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“It’s good that we had a little time to breathe this episode after the crazy [stuff] that happened last week and the crazy [stuff] that I think we’re about to see coming up next week,” Laws says. “It was one of those classic ‘Game of Thrones’ moments when the episode ended right before something really fantastic is going to happen.”

“There are so many things that have happened!” Noble declares. “Jaime unsurprisingly survived last week’s cliffhanger and great news, he’s going to be a dad! What a great week for Jaime, surviving the battle and he’s going to be a father, and Cersei is going to let everyone know he’s the father. She’s very proud of their relationship!” he winks.

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