Glenn Close: ‘The Wife’ could win her Oscar after six losses

Glenn Close earned rave reviews for “The Wife” when it premiered at this year’s Toronto Film Festival. The film was picked up by Sony Pictures Classics, which plans to release it next year. Close, who has lost all six of her Oscar bids to date, could well find that nomination number seven is lucky indeed. Below, we detail the top five reasons that this Tony and Emmy winner may finally add an Oscar to her collection.

Critical accolades
The reviews for her work in “The Wife” have been superlative. The Guardian calls her “unreadably brilliant” and proclaims the film “arguably her best performance ever.” Indiewire calls her “exquisite.” And Variety states, “Glenn Close is a tremendous actress. That shouldn’t be news to anyone who’s been even halfway following her career, but if there were still any doubt, her performance in Björn Runge’s ‘The Wife’ erases any remaining room for it.”

Close was considered a deserving potential winner for three of her six nominations. In the races for “The World According to Garp” (1982), “Fatal Attraction” (1987) and “Dangerous Liasons” (1988) Close likely placed second or at least third in most of the tallies.

Not a token win
Peter O’Toole and Richard Burton lead the list of most acting nominations without a win and with eight and seven, respectively. Both went to their graves without an Oscar. There was speculation that each would win on their final nominations but O’Toole’s work in “Venus” was considered slight and Burton’s final nomination was for “Equus,” a film that was considered too somber of an adaption of the acclaimed play. Close’s reviews indicate that should she win it would be a deserved win and not just a makeup award for previous losses.

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Compelling narrative
We all know it takes more than a good performance to win an Oscar. You need a story behind the win such as when Matthew McConaughey stopped doing underwhelming romantic comedies and began taking on serious film roles. Close’s six previous nominations without a win would surely provide such a narrative.

“Sunset Boulevard”
Yes, Close could well win in the future for a film version of her acclaimed stage work in “Sunset Boulevard.” But this is not a done deal and even if it is made, musicals have underperformed at the Oscars in recent years with films like “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Dreamgirls” being early contenders but then coming up short in nomination totals.

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