Gold Derby Film Awards reactions: The good (Casey Affleck), the bad (‘disappointing winners’) and the ugly (‘stupid as f***’)

Our forum posters, many of whom are Hollywood insiders who hide their identities behind screen names, are busy commenting on yesterday’s announcement of the 15th annual Gold Derby Film Awards winners. They are most excited about the expected victory for Casey Affleck (“Manchester by the Sea”), but they are miffed by the nine wins for “La La Land” and are accusing each other of simply trying to predict the Oscars.

Below, just a sampling of what they had to say about the 2017 Gold Derby Film Awards. Take a read and then join in the discussion, if you dare.

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FreemanGriffin: I was generally pleased – and very surprised – by the winners. Thrilled that Casey Affleck was our winner! Janelle Monae wasn’t who I voted for but is a pleasing choice.

Nikster: A fair win in every category. I’m pleasantly surprised derbytes!

Moviebuff22: At least Casey got it on this forum lol.

mafro987: That best score category should’ve been the Oscar lineup. Those were legit the 5 best.

Teridax: Really solid winners overall, I just miss the rebellious passion of the “Mad Max” sweep last year. Suck it, “Spotlight”!

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janbryan: Disappointing winners! “The Handmaiden” should’ve won Best Foreign Film, Isabelle Huppert should’ve won Best Actress and “Audition” for Best Song.

EmmyLoser: All these “La La Land” wins are a little much, but I guess it’s good preparation for the Oscars to just get over it.

PJ Edwards: www dot basic dot com.

moviefan61794: Although I’m not necessarily angry about the majority of these winners, I still assumed there would be some difference from the season’s norms.

Gold Derby Film Awards 2017: ‘La La Land’ sweeps with 9 wins including Best Picture


Sasha: I stopped voting for these years ago. They’re basically Oscar predictions made by those who come here and make accounts only to predict awards. F***ing disgusting.

Bee: It’s stupid as f***. And the Best Actress one, I don’t care about the supposed vote-splitting between Huppert and Portman. It’s still embarrassing.

GusCruz: Jesus Christ, these are so basic and lazy. Congrats, guys!

Patrick: Every time “La La Land” won an award I died a little inside.

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