Golden Globe Film nomination reactions: Cheers for ‘All the Money in the World’, jeers for ‘The Big Sick,’ ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ and ‘Get Out’ snubs [FORUMS]

Our forum posters have been fiercely debating this year’s Golden Globe Film nominations. They were most surprised by the unexpected surge of “All the Money in the World,” which snagged bids for Best Director (Ridley Scott), Best Drama Actress (Michelle Williams), and Best Supporting Actor (Christopher Plummer). In case you’ve been living under a rock, Scott’s film underwent last-minute reshoots to replace disgraced star Kevin Spacey with Plummer in the role of billionaire J. Paul Getty. As of now, the only group to view the film has been the Hollywood Foreign Press, which just gave a giant middle-finger to Spacey and a great big awards season boost to Scott, Plummer, and Williams.

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However, they were furious with the screenplay snubs of “Call Me By Your Name” (James Ivory) and “Get Out” (Jordan Peele), as well as the across-the-board shutout of “The Big Sick.”

Below, see a sampling of our reader’s diverse cheers and jeers, and then be sure to join the free-wheeling discussion in our forums.

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Best Film Drama

thatfilmgirl: So All the Money In the World gets nominated for S.Actor/Actress/Director but not picture?

moviefan61794: The love for “All the Money in the World” is kind of crazy. Is this just a reward for navigating the Spacey scandal or is this a legit contender? Not necessarily a huge snub, but what the fuck did everyone on The Big Sick do to the HFPA?

Eddy Q: Call Me by Your Name gets snubbed for Guadagnino, Stuhlbarg, Ivory and Stevens? Gtfo

Best Film Comedy/Musical

TVFan365: Wow The Big Sick got snubbed across the board! Shame on you HFPA!

Nate: What happened to The Big Sick? Nothing, not even for Holly Hunter? Somehow, the HFPA, at least theoretically, saw a final cut of All the Money in the World to reward it so heavily. And Call Me By Your Name and Get Out way underperformed here.

Best Film Director

Rinolo Twenty-two: Ridley Scott? So much love for The Post. Ugh

PJ Edwards: WOW. I’m speechless. Ridley Scott!?

Philip: I loved Lady Bird, but it’s not a “directors” film, it’s more about the screenplay and the performances.

Best Film Drama Actor

Rinolo Twenty-two: Gary Oldman!!! WTF LMAO

Marcus Snowden (The Artist Formerly Known as msnowden1): Denzel Washington?! I definitely did not see that coming.

Teridax: Jake Gyllenhaal was snubbed?! I thought it was a lock. Damn… I guess they aren’t as susceptible to great campaigning as they used to be. I’m glad I put Gary Oldman in and kept Tom Hanks in. I knew Robert Pattinson was wishful thinking. I should have known Emma Watson wouldn’t get in for her stale Beauty and the Beast performance, but I NEVER would have guessed Annette Bening.

Best Film Drama Actress


peirremg: Based on the reviews I’ve read about Meryl’s performance in The Post, she’s on top of my list.

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Best Film Comedy/Musical Actor

thatfilmgirl: Very happy about the Ansel Elgort nomination. A little socked that The Big Sick was completely snubbed. Also, Greta Gerwig snubbed for director in favor of Ridley Scott? Can we not have that happen again? Shocked Jennifer Lawrence was snubbed in the end. Guess they REALLY didn’t like mother!

Best Film Comedy/Musical Actress

Marcus Snowden (The Artist Formerly Known as msnowden1): Can someone tell me what The Leisure Seeker is? I never heard anything about it until today.

Best Film Supporting Actor

aahoto: “Take that Kevin Spacey” – HFPA

Rinolo Twenty-two: Christopher Plummer! LMAO

Best Film Supporting Actress

Rinolo Twenty-two: Another lazy nomination for Octavia.

Marcus Snowden (The Artist Formerly Known as msnowden1): Mary J. Blige gets some love! She was fantastic in Mudbound!

forwardswill: To be honest, Holly Hunter and The Big Sick are the only genuine snubs I can think of on the film side (Obviously there’s others that I’d have liked but whom were never getting nominated)

Best Film Screenplay

Kasperi: Get Out snubbed for screenplay! EDIT: Oh yeah, and no CMBYN either. Yikes!

PJ Edwards: Oh yeah the them hating Get Out tea seems to be real as well.

Philip: Haha so glad Peele was snubbed for screenplay! Hopefully it doesn’t get anything!

moviefan61794: “Get Out” and “CMBYN” missing Screenplay? Already shook. I can understand why “Get Out” missed with this group, but “CMBYN” should have been a home run nom and likely win.

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Best Foreign Film

Freeman Griffin: No BPM for Foreign Language Film ): No Call Me By Your Name for Screenplay ): This is not o.k. They seem to be loving The Post though…

Best Animated Film

Teridax: I called The Boss Baby at 66/1 odds. I’m so sad that Captain Underpants got snubbed though. I’m bombing so far.

Best Film Score

Eddy Q: First Globe nomination ever for Johnny Greenwood! Also there’s a chance neither of this year’s screenplay Oscar winners are Golden Globe nominated, if both Get Out and Call Me By Your Name win.

PJ Edwards: Wonder if Darkest Hour score snub is bad omen for drama actor…

Best Film Song

Rinolo Twenty-two: Nick Jonas?! Mariah Carey!!! No Taylor Swift!!! F*CK YES

Gregory Delise: No Evermore in music song is stupid as hell. Wtf with all this Ferdinand love…

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