Golden Globes 2017 live blog: Let’s dish the best, worst and craziest moments

Gold Derby editors and contributors can’t stifle what we think of every moment of the 2017 Golden Globes. Here are live musings on the best, worst and craziest moments of this free-wheeling kudofest from Chris Beachum, Charles BrightDavid BuchananMarcus Dixon, Zach Laws, Rob LicuriaDaniel MontgomeryTom O’BrienAmanda Spears, Tony Ruiz and myself.

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TONY RUIZ: Standing Ovation for Moonlight!! Underestimate this film at your own risk!

Best Film Drama – “Moonlight”

JOHN BENUTTY: After this Isabelle should be (and deserves to be) the frontrunner for Best Actress at the Oscars. The most awards worthy performance by any actor this year.

Best Film Actress – Isabelle Huppert, “Elle”

MATT NOBLE: Questlove going against type by putting orchestral music on the turntable to play Affleck off.

JOHN BENUTTY: Did Casey Affleck just say Michelle Williams did “most of the work” in Manchester by the Sea? I’m actually LOL

Best Film Drama Actor – Casey Affleck, Manchester By The Sea”

MATT NOBLE: Nice to see an ORIGINAL musical do so well!

TOM O’BRIEN: I don’t begrudge the “La La Land” sweep at all.  But I have to ask:  is it really the best written film of 2016?

TONY RUIZ – “Chastain and the Redmayne” is this year’s “Uma and Oprah.”

Best Film Comedy/Musical – ”La La Land”

MATT NOBLE: Questlove going against type by putting orchestral music on the turntable to play Affleck off.

JOHN BENUTTY: Did Casey Affleck just say Michelle Williams did “most of the work” in Manchester by the Sea? I’m actually LOL

Golden Globes 2017 winners:
‘La La Land’ wins record 7, ‘Moonlight’ takes Best Film Drama

Best Film Drama Actor – Casey Affleck, Manchester By The Sea”

MATT NOBLE: Nice to see an ORIGINAL musical do so well!

TOM O’BRIEN: I don’t begrudge the “La La Land” sweep at all.  But I have to ask:  is it really the best written film of 2016?

TONY RUIZ – “Chastain and the Redmayne” is this year’s “Uma and Oprah.”

Best Film Comedy/Musical – ”La La Land”

DAVID BUCHANAN: Bless you, Christian Slater, for consistently being the most earnestly engaged audience member throughout the evening!

MATT NOBLE: Great to see Emma Stone. Loved her since “Zombieland!”

Best Film Comedy/Musical Actress – Emma Stone, “La La Land”

MARCUS DIXON: No one — and I mean no one — thought that “The Night Manager” would be the biggest winner on the TV side with three trophies. Just goes to show that the HFPA loves to surprise us!

AMANDA SPEARS: Fx won the most awards of all tv networks with 4! HBO don’t panic and pull the fire alarm there’s always next year.

Best Comedy Actor – Donald Glover, “Atlanta”

MATT NOBLE: @Amanda Spears. *knock on wood*

AMANDA SPEARS: Congrats to La La Land for breaking the record of 6 wins held One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (1975) and “Midnight Express” (1978) I know there’s two categories left but come on we all know how this is going to end!

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Best Director – Damien Chazelle, “La La Land”

TONY RUIZ: Forget winning a best speech award. Meryl could win the oscar just because of that speech.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Meryl Streep’s Cecil B. DeMille acceptance was one of the best award show speeches I’ve seen in my life. If the electoral college had seen that, they’d have picked her instead.

MARCUS DIXON: I cannot wait to see what Trump tweets about THAT. Congrats Meryl on being you.

ROB LICURIA: So, the consensus is that Meryl Streep is the greatest of all time, right? I mean, I’m floored by that highlight reel alone.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Damn, Viola Davis is about to upstage Meryl Streep at her own honorary award. It’s a magnificent moment whenever Davis is on a stage, so let’s put her there even more often awards voters!

Cecil B. DeMille Award – Meryl Streep

MARCUS DIXON: Who else wants a buddy comedy starring Viola Davis and Meryl Streep? Two of the best actresses of all time.

AMANDA SPEARS: I’m not sure if I want to watch Viola Davis and Meryl Streep to fight or be invited to a potluck their hosting! Can I choose both?

MATT NOBLE: A deserved win for “The Crown” after Peter Morgan got a deserved globe win for “The Queen” 10 years ago.

AMANDA SPEARS: Congrats to Netflix on your first series win!! Can HBO survive since it didn’t win an award tonight?

Golden Globes pick the best TV of 2016:
‘The Night Manager’ tops ‘Atlanta,’ ‘The Crown’ & ‘People v. O.J. Simpson’ as biggest winner

Best Drama Series – ”The Crown”

Best Drama Actress – Claire Foy, “The Crown”

JOHN BENUTTY: One sweep I would be really happy to see is for “Elle.” Keeping my hopes alive now for Isabelle Huppert!!!!

ROB LICURIA: some of the reactions in the audience when Tom Hiddleston was doing his best to be genuine when dedicating his award to humanitarian workers in South Sudan were really disinterested. So sad. Wake up, immensely rich and powerful celebrities!

DAVID BUCHANAN: We thought “O.J.” could (and would) win three acting awards, but did anyone think “Night Manager” could do it?!

JOHN BENUTTY: Okay I lied. I loved The Night Manager and am thoroughly enjoying their 3 for 3 sweep so far.

Best TV Movie/Limited Series Actor – Tom Hiddleston, “The Night Manager”

TONY RUIZ: Is anyone else noticing the strange cuts that seem to be repeating the same moment more than once? Seem to be a lot of tech glitches tonight.

MARCUS DIXON: Casey Affleck, you’re an actor. Can you at least ACT like you’re enjoying yourself?

CHARLES BRIGHT: Oh for the love of God Casey, GET A HAIRCUT!

Best Foreign Language Film – “Elle”

ROB LICURIA: what an incredible year for animated features. Four additional films could’ve been included in this mix of five nominated films. I wish it wasn’t such a cakewalk for “Zootopia,” but I’m still so amazed by the quality of toons out there.

MATT NOBLE: One of the best films of the year. Followed by a concise but strong speech about not letting fear divide.

JOHN BENUTTY: Can’t believe “Zootopia” beat La La Land for Best Animated Feature

Best Animated Feature – “Zootopia”

MATT NOBLE: Wiig and Carell. Two of the funniest people alive.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell can go ahead and take over for Jimmy Fallon as Golden Globes hosts — now and forever please.

MARCUS DIXON: Can Kristen Wiig please host an awards show sometime soon? She is always a treat.

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Hollywood Foreign Press to Gold Derby: “Oh so you think we like to spread the wealth, do you? ‘La La Land’ gets everything!!”

MATT NOBLE:  @ Marcus Dixon *Knock on wood*

MARCUS DIXON: A. Sweep. Like. No. Other.

Best Screenplay – “La La Land”

AMANDA SPEARS: La La Land remains in track to break the record of 6 wins but screenplay is up next.

MATT NOBLE – Great heartfelt speech from Gosling with a fun joke to open about being confused with Ryan Reynolds.

TONY RUIZ – Did anyone else notice the giant liplock that Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds planted on each other as gosling walked up the stage?

Best Film Comedy/Musical Actor – Ryan Gosling, “La La Land”

MARCUS: Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn are amazing together! That was one of the most hilarious presenting duos I’ve ever seen.

MATT NOBLE: While Gervais loved roasting the presenters, Fallon has gone with creaming their names.

TONY RUIZ: The entire show will be more watchable if the child from “Lion” never leaves the stage.

AMANDA SPEARS: “The Night Manager” becomes the first show to sweep the supporting categories since “Glee” did in 2011.

Best TV Supporting Actress – Olivia Coleman, “The Night Manager”

DAVID BUCHANAN: Viola passes her first acceptance speech “podium test” on her path to Oscar with flying colors!

JOHN BENUTTY: I just made a joke about the pace of the show and then Viola Davis comes along with a speech from the heart and it suddenly feels like time stopped. I fall freshly in love with her every time she wins an award and is given the platform to show her soul.

AMANDA SPEARS: Deep sigh of relief! It only took 5 nods but they finally proved they don’t hate her!!!

MARCUS: Apparently Michael Keaton thinks there’s a movie called “Hidden Fences.”

Best Film Supporting Actress – Viola Davis, “Fences”

MATT NOBLE – “La La Land” shows that is pays to be a musical in music categories.

TONY RUIZ: It’s amazing that Julia Louis-Dreyfus pretending to be a DJ is more laugh-inducing that Jimmy Fallon’s attempt to tell an actual joke.

JOHN BENUTTY: Is it just me or is the ceremony moving VERY quickly? I’m starting to think they’re running out of booze and want to get to the after party by 7 pm.

Best Song – “City Of Stars”, “La La Land”

Best Score – “La La Land”

JOHN BENUTTY: Hugh Laurie steals two tonight — an award from The People vs. OJ Simpson and the laughs Jimmy Fallon missed out on in his monologue

Best TV Supporting Actor – Hugh Laurie, “The Night Manager”

MARCUS: Sarah Paulson, you go girl!

AMANDA SPEARS: Why are they having actors from the nominated films present the films? Are we watching the Sag Awards or the Golden Globes?

DAVID BUCHANAN: Why present the top TV program awards before handing out all of their corresponding acting awards? It seems highly anticlimactic!

AMANDA SPEARS: FX now at three awards! Take that HBO!!

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Love that Sarah Paulson has a Golden Globe now, since the Globes were one of the first groups to recognize her. They nominated her 10 years ago for “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” — kudos!

[PHOTOS] Golden Globes 2017: Our exclusive gallery of all the behind-the-scenes action

Best TV Movie/Limited Series – “The People v. O.J. Simpson”

Best TV Movie/Limited Series Actress – Sarah Paulson, “The People v. O.J. Simpson”

TOM O’BRIEN:  So happy to see another alumnus of “Community” break through!  “Troy and Abed in the Morning”!

AMANDA SPEARS: Glover obviously doesn’t check Goldderby otherwise he would’ve been more prepared!

Best Comedy Series -“Atlanta”

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Tracee Ellis Ross is an early nominee for best speech of the night.

ROB LICURIA: Tracee Ellis Ross just broke the mini ‘ingenue on a new show’ streak. Lovely to see her up on the stage.

AMANDA SPEARS: They love the children of celebrities!! Ross just pulled off the upset!

Best TV Comedy Actress – Tracee Ellis Ross, “black-ish”

CHARLES BRIGHT: Aaron Taylor-Johnson winning = The HFPA is officially screwing with us.

ROB LICURIA: Billy Bob Thornton is a class act. He’s FANTASTIC in “Goliath,” and shining a spotlight on someone who was in the show’s crew like that, amongst all of the glamour and privilege, is wonderful. Also, once again, the HFPA give a relatively unheard of Amazon show some great publicity.

AMANDA SPEARS: They defaulted to the movie star!!

Best TV Drama Actor – Billy Bob Thornton, “Goliath”

ROB LICURIA: Love seeing surprise winners – Aaron Taylor-Johnson was sensational in “Nocturnal Animals.” The HFPA really loved this picture I guess. Or the Tom Ford gift bags.

CHRIS BEACHUM: WHAT? Nobody expected that. Can he actually get in at the Oscars?

MATT NOBLE: Is “Nocturnal Animals” going to be the sleeper of the night?

Best Film Supporting Actor – Aaron Taylor Johnson, “Nocturnal Animals”

AMANDA SPEARS: Best monologue joke: Trump is King Joffrey

MATT NOBLE: Fallon handled the not working prompter as bad as an interview with Trump

DANIEL MONTGOMERY: Great show opener with excellent celebrity cameos. Makes me wish Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams would make more musicals.

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