Golden Globes: 74-year history of all Comedy/Musical Film winners includes ‘La La Land,’ ‘The Martian,’ ‘The Artist, ‘Chicago’

The films “Chicago” and “The Artist” took their Golden Globe comedy/musical wins all the way to Oscar gold as Best Picture champs during this century. Other recent winners such as “La La Land,” “The Martian,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “American Hustle,” and “Les Miserables” were at least able to achieve Best Picture nominations at the Academy Awards.

For most of its 74-year history, the Golden Globes have been one of the oldest and most important bellwethers for Oscar season. It’s especially true for drama movies but not nearly as much for comedies and musicals. To celebrate the upcoming 75th anniversary, our new photo gallery (view above) features all 74 previous champs for one of the most important trophies of the evening: Best Film Comedy/Musical. That gallery includes the two films during the 21st century that match up with Oscars and Globes: “Chicago” (2002) and “The Artist” (2011).

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When the Golden Globe Awards were first introduced by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in 1943, there was only a single prize for Best Film. It wasn’t until the 9th ceremony in 1951 that the lead acting and picture awards were split into Drama and Comedy/Musical categories.

At first, there were no official nominations in the categories: single prizes were given for acting, directing, and film. In 1949, there were two nominees listed for each award, and in 1950 there were 3-5 per category. Between 1953-1955, there were again no nominees in the categories, and starting in 1956, there were at least five contenders for each prize.

Only once – in 1953 – was no award given to Best Film Comedy/Musical. Between 1958 and 1962, the HFPA gave out separate awards for Best Film Comedy and Best Film Musical, recombining them in 1963.

Competing just this past January, “La La Land” holds the record for most wins of any dramatic, comedic or musical film with seven victories. Following behind on the Comedy/Musical side with four trophies was “A Star is Born” (1976).

Tour through our photo gallery to see every single movie that won the Golden Globe for Best Film Comedy/Musical. And be on the watch soon for more of our galleries featuring all of the acting winners in advance of the upcoming 75th anniversary of the Golden Globes.

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