[WATCH] Golden Globes contest winner spills secrets on near-perfect score, including ‘La La Land’ sweep and Isabelle Huppert

“For me, my mind was telling me that ‘La La Land’ was going to sweep, especially after this election. It makes you feel good,” reveals Gold Derby reader Matt Schofield (screen name Matt Hew). He correctly predicted 13 out of the 14 Golden Globes film winners on Sunday, including the record-breaking seven trophies for Damien Chazelle‘s musical comedy. He only missed out on calling Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“Nocturnal Animals”) for Best Supporting Actor. Since Schofield is eligible for our prizes, he has won a $100 Amazon gift certificate. So, what were his juicy predictions secrets? Watch our video slugfest with Schofield above.

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Schofield actually tied with four others with 92.86% prediction accuracy — Spencer Maverick, Guillaume De Camaret, Miguel Revel, and Felipe Bandeira — but he had the best point total of 10,434 by using the 500-point super bets wisely. He earned a whopping 7,000 points alone by putting his super bet on Isabelle Huppert (“Elle”) to win Best Film Drama Actress over frontrunner Natalie Portman (“Jackie”). “It’s an awards show by the Hollywood Foreign Press and she’s a French actress in a foreign film,” he details. “I wanted to be risky because I know that risks pay off.”

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What’s perhaps most shocking of all is that Schofield hasn’t seen any of the nominated films, other than “Manchester by the Sea.” As he explains, “In Baltimore there is only one small theater that will show movies that are in more limited release. And I’m in law school, so not only is money short but so is time, so it’s just been hard to find time to go out and see these movies.” Looking ahead, Schofield thinks that “La La Land” will win Best Picture at the Oscars, but warns that “Moonlight” is the likeliest film that could upset the frontrunner.

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