‘Good Time’ reviews: Robert Pattinson could go from ‘Twilight’ to Oscar

Could Robert Pattinson be making a bid for Oscars with his new film “Good Time”? The “Twilight” star has enjoyed much commercial success and a devoted fan base, but he hasn’t been a critics’ favorite. However, “Good Time” opened on August 11 to some of the best reviews of his career. As of this writing it has an 84 score on MetaCritic and 91% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes.

Directed by Ben Safdie and Josh Safdie, who previously had a hit on the festival circuit with their 2014 film “Heaven Knows What,” “Good Time” stars Pattinson as Constantine Nikas, who is on a mission to free his brother after a botched bank robbery landed him in prison. Pattinson’s performance is being called “revelatory” and “fantastic.” This is “his first unequivocally commanding lead performance,” full of “propulsive energy.” This is his “breakthrough,” announcing him as an “honest-to-God movie star.” That’s a far cry from “Twilight.”

The “Twilight” franchise was one of the most successful film series of the 21st century, making more than $3 billion combined at the worldwide box office. But the series never won the respect of most critics, and since the last film opened in 2012 its stars have chosen projects that are creatively far removed from the supernatural romance. Kristen Stewart has followed “Twilight” with a number of acclaimed performances, including an award winning turn in “Clouds of Sils Maria,” along with “Still Alice,” “Certain Women,” and “Personal Shopper.” And in addition to “Good Time” Pattinson has taken creative risks with “Cosmopolis,” “Maps to the Stars,” and “The Lost City of Z.”

Do you think this gritty performance will pay off with an Oscar nomination for Pattinson? Check out some of the reviews below.

Emily Yoshida (Vulture): “Most of this is on the shoulders of Pattinson, doing some of the best work of his post-franchise-journeyman career. His Connie is both capable and foolhardy, empathetic and scuzzy in the extreme.”

Justin Chang (Los Angeles Times): “Safdies have not only filtered their lower-depths poetry through the prism of genre but they’ve also cast an honest-to-God movie star. That would be Robert Pattinson … ‘Good Time’ is Pattinson’s breakthrough, the most sustained and revelatory transformation of the actor’s career.”

Jessica Kiang (The Playlist): “After a long period of ascent in which the signal to noise ratio for the young actor has been consistently out of whack, here he turns in his first unequivocally commanding lead performance: bringing absolute commitment, wolfish energy and Method-y charisma. Robert Pattinson is, finally, fantastic.”

Eric Kohn (IndieWire): “Pattinson provides the propulsive energy that makes the whole apparatus churn. Pushing beyond the muted roles for which he’s best known, the actor transforms into a vain, reckless character driven against impossible odds.”

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