‘Grey’s Anatomy’ spoilers: Will you miss Martin Henderson’s Dr. Nathan Riggs? [POLL]

It took “Grey’s Anatomy” fans a while to warm up to Martin Henderson‘s Dr. Nathan Riggs, but they eventually fell for the New Zealand-born cardiothoracic surgeon. He joined up with the long-running medical drama in the 12th season as a former friend and current foil to Kevin McKidd‘s Dr. Owen Hunt, then later become a love interest for Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). Thursday’s episode “Danger Zone” ended with a shocker, as Henderson decided to leave Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to start a new chapter with the love of his life Megan (Abigail Spencer) in Malibu. Will you miss Henderson’s Riggs on “Greys Anatomy”? Vote in our poll below.

Things were going great for Meredith and Riggs until Owen’s sister Megan, who went missing a decade earlier, resurfaced. Megan was transported to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital with a massive abdominal wound, and that’s where she came face to face with Meredith, the new girlfriend of her old fiance. Not wanting to get involved in another love triangle, Meredith took the high road and ordered Riggs to be with Megan since he truly loved her.

In “Danger Zone,” Riggs watched after Megan’s son Farouk as Megan and Owen went on a road trip to Los Angeles. Riggs soon lost the boy and went on a wild goose chase in Malibu until he tracked him down. It turned out that Farouk was completely overwhelmed by his new surroundings in America, which no doubt helped Riggs make the decision to stay in California to watch after him.

With one final text to Meredith — “Thank you” — Riggs and Farouk soon met up with Megan on the beach at sunset. Will fans ever see Riggs again? “Grey’s Anatomy” occasionally brings back former series regulars to update fans on their characters’ lives (such as Kim Raver and Isaiah Washington), so don’t count out the possibility that Henderson’s Riggs will one day return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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