Guild awards scorecard: ‘La La Land’ leads with bids from 11 of 12 as Oscar voting ends

With only one day to go in Oscar nominations voting, “La La Land” picked up bids at two more guild awards on Thursday (Jan. 12). Damien Chazelle was nominated by the Directors Guild of America while Mary Zophres was cited by the Costume Design Guild. These nominations mean that this Oscar frontrunner is in the running for 11 of the 12 guild awards to date, missing out only with the visual effects wizards. Besides the helmers and costumers, “La La Land” is in contention with the producers, actors, writers, art directors, casting directors, cinematographers, film editors, makeup artists & hair stylists, and sound mixers. (The sound editors don’t chime in till the end of the month.)

Two films — “Arrival” and “Manchester by the Sea” — have earned recognition from eight of the 12 guilds to date while “Lion” and “Moonlight” have registered with seven. Not surprisingly, these five films all number among our top 10 Best Picture contenders. “La La Land” is in first far ahead of “Manchester by the Sea” and “Moonlight.” “Arrival” and “Lion” are ranked fifth and sixth respectively by our experts.


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Among other Best Picture contenders, fourth-ranked “Fences” is in the running with four guilds. We may be underestimating “Hell or High Water” and”Hidden Figures,” which we have in eighth and ninth place respectively, as both numbers among the nominees with six groups. And seventh-ranked “Hacksaw Ridge” has been cited by five guilds. Conversely, “Silence” has been shut out so far save for mentions for its lensing and supporting visual effects, and may well slip from its current ranking of 1oth place in the days to come.

Below, a breakdown by picture of guild nominations to date.

PGA = Producers Guild of America (report)
DGA = Directors Guild of America (report)
SAG = Screen Actors Guild (report)
WGA = Writers Guild of America (report)
ACE = American Cinema Editors (report)
ADG = Art Directors Guild (report)
ASC = American Society of Cinematographers (report)
CAS = Cinema Audio Society (report)
CDG = Costume Designers Guild (report)
CSA = Casting Society of America (report)
MUAHS = Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Guild (report)
VES = Visual Effects Society (report)

Eleven Guilds

“La La Land”
PGA – Picture
DGA – Director (Damien Chazelle)
SAG – Actor (Ryan Gosling), Actress (Emma Stone)
WGA – Original Screenplay (Damien Chazelle)
ACE – Comedy/Musical (Tom Cross)
ADG – Contemporary Film (David Wasco)
ASC – Cinematography (Linus Sandgren)
CAS – Sound Mixing (Live Action)
CDG – Contemporary Film (Mary Zophres)
CSA – Big Budget Comedy/Musical (Deborah Aquila, Tricia Wood)
MUAHS – Contemporary Makeup (Torsten Witte, Angel Radefeld-Wright),
Contemporary Hairstyling (Barbara Lorenz, Jackie Masteran, Frida Aradottir)

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Eight Guilds

PGA – Picture
DGA – Director (Denis Villeneuve)
SAG – Actress (Amy Adams)
WGA – Adapted Screenplay (Eric Heisserer)
ACE – Drama (Joe Walker)
ADG – Fantasy Film (David Wasco)
ASC – Cinematography (Bradford Young)
CSA – Big Budget Drama (Francine Maisler; Lucie Robitaille – Location Casting)

“Manchester by the Sea”
PGA – Picture
DGA – Director (Kenneth Longergan)
SAG – Ensemble, Actor (Casey Affleck), Supporting Actor (Lucas Hedges), Supporting Actress (Michelle Williams)
WGA – Original Screenplay (Kenneth Lonergan)
ACE -Drama (Jennifer Lame)
ADG – Contemporary Film (Ruth De Jong)
CSA – Studio or Independent Drama (Douglas Aibel; Carolyn Pickman – Location Casting)
MUAHS – Contemporary Makeup (Liz Bernstrom, Sherryn Smith)

Seven Guilds

PGA – Picture
DGA – Director (Garth Davis); First-Time Feature Director (Garth Davis)
SAG – Supporting Actor (Dev Patel), Supporting Actress (Nicole Kidman)
ADG – Contemporary Film (Chris Kennedy)
ASC – Cinematography (Greig Fraser)
CDG – Contemporary Film (Cappi Ireland)
CSA – Studio or Independent Drama (Kirsty McGregor)

PGA – Picture
DGA – Director (Barry Jenkins)
SAG – Ensemble, Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali), Supporting Actress (Naomie Harris)
WGA – Original Screenplay (Barry Jenkins; story by Tarell McCraney)
ACE – Drama (Nat Sanders, Joi McMillon)
ASC – Cinematography (James Laxton)
CSA – Low Budget Comedy or Drama (Yesi Ramirez)

Six Guilds

PGA – Picture
DGA – First-Time Feature Director (Tim Miller)
ACE -Comedy/Musical (Julian Clarke,)
WGA – Adapted Screenplay (Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick)
CSA – Big Budget Comedy (Ronna Kress; Jennifer Page – Location Casting)
MUAHS – Special Makeup Effects (Bill Corso, Andrew Clement)

“Doctor Strange”
SAG – Stunt Ensemble
ADG – Fantasy Film (Charles Wood)
CAS – Sound Mixing (Live Action)
CDG – Fantasy Film (Alexandra Byrne)
MUAHS – Period/Character Makeup, Special Makeup Effects (Jeremy Woodhead),
VES – Visual Effects (Feature)

“Hell or High Water”
PGA – Picture
SAG – Supporting Actor (Jeff Bridges)
WGA – Original Screenplay (Taylor Sheridan)
ACE – Drama (Jake Roberts)
ADG – Contemporary Film (Tom Duffield)
CSA – Studio or Independent Comedy/Musical (Richard Hicks, Jo Edna Boldin)

“Hidden Figures”
PGA – Picture
SAG – Ensemble, Supporting Actress (Octavia Spencer)
WGA – Adapted Screenplay (Allison Schroeder, Theodore Melfi)
ADG – Period Film (Wynn Thomas)
CDG – Period Film (Renee Ehrlich Kalfus)
CSA – Big Budget Drama (Victoria Thomas; Jackie Burch – Location Casting)

“Nocturnal Animals”
SAG – Stunt Ensemble
WGA – Adapted Screenplay (Tom Ford)
ADG – Contemporary Film (Shane Valentino)
CDG – Contemporary Film (Arianne Phillips)
CSA – Big Budget Drama (Francine Maisler)
MUAHS – Contemporary Makeup (Donald Mowat, Malanie J. Romero, Elaine Offers), Contemporary Hairstyling (Yolanda Toussieng, Jules Holdren)

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Five Guilds

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”
ADG – Fantasy Film (Stuart Craig)
CDG – Fantasy Film (Colleen Atwood)
CSA – Big Budget Drama (Fiona Weir; Jim Carnahan – Location Casting)
MUAHS – Period/Character Makeup, Period/Character Hairstyling, Special Makeup Effects (Fae Hammond, Marilyn MacDonald)
VES – Visual Effects (Feature)

“Hacksaw Ridge”
PGA – Picture
SAG – Actor (Andrew Garfield), Stunt Ensemble
ACE -Drama (John Gilbert)
ADG – Period Film (Barry Robison)
CAS – Sound Mixing (Live Action)

“Hail, Caesar”
ACE – Comedy/Musical (Roderick Jaynes)
ADG – Period Film (Jess Gonchor)
CDG – Period Film (Renee Ehrlich Kalfus)
CSA – Big Budget Comedy (Ellen Chenoweth)
MUAHS – Period/Character Makeup (Jean Ann Black, Julie Hewett, Zoe Hay),
Period/Character Hairstyling (Cydney Cornell, Pauletta Lewis-Irwin, Matt Danon)

SAG – Actress (Natalie Portman)
ADG – Period Film (Jean Rabasse)
CDG – Period Film (Madeline Fontaine)
CSA – Studio or Independent Drama (Mary Vernieu, Lindsay Graham; Jessica Kelly – Location Casting)
MUAHS – Period/Character Hairstyling (Catherine Leblanc-Caraes, Tony Rochetti)

“Kubo and the Two Strings”
PGA – Animated Feature
ACE – Animation (Christopher Murrie)
CAS – Sound Mixing (Animated)
CDG – Fantasy Film (Deborah Cook)
VES – Visual Effects (Animated Feature)

PGA – Animated Feature
ACE – Animation (Jeff Draheim)
CAS – Sound Mixing (Animated)
CSA – Animation (Jamie Sparer Roberts; Rachel Sutton – Location Casting)
VES – Visual Effects (Animated Feature)

PGA – Animated Feature
ACE – Animation (Fabienne Rawley & Jeremy Milton)
CAS – Sound Mixing (Animated)
CSA – Animation (Jamie Sparer Roberts)
VES – Visual Effects (Animated Feature)

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Four Guilds

“Captain Fantastic”
SAG – Ensemble, Actor (Viggo Mortensen)
CDG – Contemporary Film (Courtney Hoffman)
CSA – Studio or Independent Drama (Jeanne McCarthy; Angelique Midthunder – Location Casting)
MUAHS – Contemporary Makeup (Karen McDonald, Akemi Hart)

PGA – Picture
SAG – Ensemble, Actor (Denzel Washington),  Supporting Actress (Viola Davis)
WGA – Adapted Screenplay (August Wilson)
ADG – Period Film (David Gropman)

“Finding Dory”
PGA – Animated Feature
CAS – Sound Mixing (Animated)
CSA – Animation (Kevin Reher, Natalie Lyon)
VES – Visual Effects (Animated Feature)

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”
ADG – Fantasy Film (Doug Chiang, Neil Lamont)
CAS – Sound Mixing (Live Action)
CDG – Fantasy Film (David Crossman, Glyn Dillion)
VES – Visual Effects (Feature)

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Three Guilds

“Florence Foster Jenkins”
SAG – Actress (Meryl Streep), Supporting Actor (Hugh Grant)
CDG – Period Film (Consolata Boyle)
MUAHS – Period/Character Hairstyling (J. Roy Helland)

“The Girl on the Train”
SAG – Actress (Emily Blunt)
CSA – Big Budget Drama (Kerry Barden, Paul Schnee)
MUAHS – Contemporary Hairstyling (Alan D’Angerio)

“The Jungle Book”
ACE – Comedy/Musical (Mark Livolsi)
CSA – Animation (Sarah Halley Finn)
VES – Visual Effects (Feature)

WGA – Original Screenplay (Jeff Nichols)
CSA – Studio or Independent Drama (Francine Maisler; Erica Arvold – Location Casting)
MUAHS – Period/Character Makeup (Julia Lallas, Katie Middleton),
Period/Character Hairstyling (Kenneth Walker, Elizabeth Paschall)

CAS – Sound Mixing (Live Action)
MUAHS – Contemporary Hairstyling
VES – Supporting Visual Effects (Feature)

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Two Guilds

“Cafe Society”
ADG – Period Film (Santo Loquasto)
CSA – Studio or Independent Comedy (Juliet Taylor, Patricia DiCerto)

“The Edge of Seventeen”
DGA – First-Time Feature Director (Kelly Fremon Craig)
CSA – Studio or Independent Comedy (Melissa Kostenbauder; Coreen Mayrs – Location Casting)

“Jason Bourne”
SAG – Stunt Ensemble
VES – Supporting Visual Effects (Feature)

“The Little Prince”
CSA – Animation (Sarah Halley Finn)
VES – Visual Effects (Animated Feature)

“Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”
CDG – Fantasy Film (Colleen Atwood)
VES – Visual Effects (Feature)

“The Secret Life of Pets”
PGA – Animated Feature
CAS – Sound Mixing (Animated)

ASC – Cinematography (Rodrigo Pietro)
VES – Supporting Visual Effects (Feature)

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One Guild

“Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie”
CDG – Contemporary Film (Rebecca Hale)

VES – Supporting Visual Effects (Feature)

“Bad Moms”
CSA – Studio or Independent Comedy (Cathy Sandrich Gelfond; Meagan Lewis – Location Casting)

“The Birth of a Nation”
DGA – First-Time Feature Director (Nate Parker)

“Captain America”
SAG – Stunt Ensemble

CSA – Low Budget Comedy or Drama (Douglas Aibel, Stephanie Holbrook; Tracy Kilpatrick – Location Casting)

“Deepwater Horizon”
VES – Supporting Visual Effects (Feature)

“The Dressmaker”
CDG – Period Film (Marion Boyce, Margot Wilson)

CSA – Low Budget Comedy or Drama (Susan Shopmaker; D. Lynn Meyers – Location Casting)

“Hello, My Name is Doris”
CSA – Low Budget Comedy or Drama (Sunday Boling, Meg Morman)

“The Lobster”
ACE – Comedy/Musical (Yorgos Mavropsaridis)

ADG – Fantasy Film (Guy Hendrix Dyas)

“Rules Don’t Apply”
CSA – Big Budget Comedy (David Rubin)

MUAHS – Contemporary Hairstyling (Aldo Signoretti)

“Star Trek Beyond”
MUAHS – Special Makeup Effects

Suicide Squad
MUAHS – Period/Character Makeup, Special Makeup Effects

“10 Cloverfield Lane”
DGA – First-Time Feature Director (Dan Trachtenberg)

“20th Century Women”
CSA – Studio or Independent Comedy (Laura Rosenthal, Mark Bennett)

“Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”
CSA – Big Budget Comedy (Bernard Telsey, Tiffany Little Canfield; Jo Edna Boldin – Location Casting)

“White Girl”
CSA – Low Budget Comedy or Drama (Jessica Daniels)

“Zoolander 2”
MUAHS: Contemporary Makeup (Maurizio Silvi)

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