How to make predictions at Gold Derby

In order to make predictions at Gold Derby, first you need to register here for a free account. Once logged in, you’ll go directly to your Lobby Page that features all of the current events to predict.

When using a desktop computer, you can return to the Lobby Page any time by clicking on “Make Your Predix Here” in the top right corner of every page or else by clicking on “My Predictions” in the drop-down menu under your name that appears in the right corner when you’re signed in. When using a mobile device, click on your name and then “My Predictions.”

Then click on an event to predict. Your job is to fill up all of the slots in a category and arrange them according to likelihood of winning. You can change predictions as often as you wish up until the declared cut-off time.

TO MAKE PREDICTIONS ON DESKTOP COMPUTERS: Choices appear in the left box. One by one, click on the green + marks to move each selection to the right column. To remove an item, click on the red X. In the right column, use the up/down arrows to grab each item and arrange them according to likelihood of winning.

MOBILE DEVICES: Click each numbered line. Your options to choose pop up on a new screen. Click the green + sign next to the one you want and continue through list. Once a category is complete, push the up/down arrows to arrange ranking.

Don’t forget to use your 2 Super Bets of 500 points each. Winners of our prediction contests must have the highest degree of accuracy plus the most points. Read contest rules. When you make a prediction, you lock in the displayed racetrack odds. If you later make a change, you’ll receive the newest odds.

After a prediction event is over, you can check your score by tapping “Leaderboard” in the user menu that you can find under your photo in the top right corner of a page (desktop) or by clicking on your user name (mobile). When you access a leaderboard on desktop, you’ll see the highest scores listed on the left. Click on any name and you’ll see their right/wrong predictions appear in the right column. Click on the “My predictions” button to see your own picks got scored.


1) On Gold Derby’s homepage click the box that says “Make your predix here!” to take you to our predictions lobby:

2) Click on “Create League” to start setting it up:

3) Give your league a name — anything you want, like “Dunder-Mifflin Office Pool” or “Phi Beta Kappa Grammy Contest.” Then select the awardshow event you want (as of this writing you can predict the 2017 Oscars, Grammys, BAFTAs and even “The New Celebrity Apprentice”), and then, where applicable, decide if you want it to be a Pick’em game (just predict one winner) or or Rank’em game (rank the contenders in order of likelihood).

4) Then invite your friends to play along! Your private league shows up under the “Friends” tab in our predictions lobby. When you open up your league you can invite people by clicking on the “Manage League” button at the top of the page. Invite them by entering their email addresses:

5) Need to send your league members a reminder to update their predictions? Is the deadline looming? You can send a message to the entire group right from your “Manage League” page as well:

And that’s it! You’re ready to play. Try out your own private league now and find out who’s really the smartest awards prognosticator in your circle of friends.