Jason Dent (‘Big Brother’ 19) exit interview: ‘Paul is now obsolete,’ he fumes after being blindsided

“Julie, there’s a bunch of counterfeits in there and this was absolutely, 100 percent not expected. I am blindsided!” a stunned Jason Dent expressed to “Big Brother” host Julie Chen following his live eviction Thursday night. “I’m glad I made it as far as I did. I never expected to come this far.” The agitated rodeo clown then threatened, “I would like to go back in there for just five minutes.”

Jason seemed unsure if his alliance of Alex Ow and Paul Abrahamian had deceived him. “You gotta turn on your teammates, I guess. Paul, Alex and I made a pact to make it a competition to the end and not split up the threesome,” he explained. If Alex and Paul did not turn on him “then they weren’t running cover for me because I was on the block. So if they were going to vote to keep me they should have made sure the others were going to do the same.”

If goodbye messages from his former housemates were meant to make Jason feel better, it had the opposite effect. Upon learning from Josh Martinez that Paul had orchestrated his eviction, Jason was fuming. “Paul is now obsolete. That was a blatant turn on friendship. Now he can take his bracelets and pitch them.”

Jason was the first of two houseguests to be evicted and sent to the jury during a special double eviction episode of CBS’s reality TV show. The second was Raven Walton. Jason will be greeted by Cody Nickson, Mark Jansen, Elena Davies and Matt Clines in the “Big Brother” jury house. His former alliance of Alex and Paul remain in the house to duke it out with Josh, Christmas Abbott and Kevin Schlehuber.

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