Jonathan Groff (‘Mindhunter’) on going ‘rogue,’ being a psychopath, and attending Beyonce dance parties [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“I think maybe I might be a psychopath in my real life because the idea of Holden as a psychopath never occurred to me until my friends started watching the show, and they were texting me saying, ‘I’m calling it. I’m on episode six, and you’re going to become a serial killer,'” says Jonathan Groff about his role as FBI Special Agent Holden Ford in the Netflix psychological thriller “Mindhunter.” Holden gets a little too comfortable in the minds of the serial killers he’s investigating, but “it all seems incredibly logical to me, but I’m playing the part so maybe I’m extra empathetic, or maybe I’m a psychopath.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Groff above.

Mindhunter” is executive produced by David Fincher (“Seven,” “Zodiac,” “The Social Network”), who also directed four episodes from the first season. “I was such a huge fan of his, so any opportunity to work with him was exciting to me,” Groff explains about the series, which is quite unlike most other projects he’s worked on before, including “Hamilton,” “Frozen,” and “Looking.” He adds of Fincher’s perfectionism, “He’s always trying for excellence while at the same time knowing he’s never going to achieve it. I view him in this noble way because we spent so many hours working and with so much intense focus.”

But even though the show goes to some grim places, exploring the darkest and most violent human impulses “was the stuff I was most excited to dig my teeth into,” says Groff, “as I got to the end in those last four episodes when he really starts feeling himself and kind of goes rogue in the end. That to me was the most fun to play.” However, he and the rest of the crew had to decompress after shooting such emotional scenes. “I became really close with my costumer PJ,” says Groff. “He was one of the only other gay men on set, so he would throw a Beyonce dance party at a lesbian bar in Pittsburgh every two or three months, and so we would go dancing.”

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