Jordan Peele says ‘Get Out’ is a documentary: ‘This film resonated because of the truth’ [WATCH]

“It’s a film that occupies a genre space, obviously, but the reason this film resonated is because of the truth,” said writer-director Jordan Peele, discussing his film “Get Out” during an event in New York City on November 15. “We can recognize the truth when we see it, and that goes for everybody. So I’m proud to say I think this film subverts the idea of genre just by existing.” Watch him discuss more about the film above.

Get Out” is the directorial debut for Peele, previously best known for his Emmy winning work on the sketch comedy series “Key and Peele.” It’s a horror film that Peele has also described as a “social thriller,” exploring the real-life horrors of the black experience through the language of horror cinema. The film stars Daniel Kaluuya as Chris Washington, a young black man being introduced to the white family of his girlfriend (Allison Williams). What starts with a string of awkward encounters and microaggressions eventually spirals out of control.

It was important to Peele to make a film “that loyal black thriller audiences have been asking for for a long time, but it was also important to me to make a film that doesn’t pander and doesn’t talk down to an audience. What I found is that you can build a film that asks the audience to put the pieces together with you, to engage people on an emotional level, an intellectual level. If you take people seriously, and assume people are smart and assume people are good, then this movie should work for everybody.”

Follow the links below to see more of what Peele had to say about the film:

On the responses of white audiences — “What I’ve been pleasantly surprised with is that the very people who are villains in this movie get it and support it.”

On the blockbuster success of the film — “It feels completely surreal … Ultimately the whole point of this film was that you could have a wild ride, a communal experience with a bunch of strangers, and you could all see it through the eyes of this black protagonist.”

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