[FORUMS] Does ‘La La Land’ live up to all the hype? Reactions range from ‘not quite’ to ‘breathtaking’

After months of critics and industry insiders praising musical/comedy “La La Land,” this Oscar frontrunner for Best Picture has finally opened in theaters across the nation. Have you seen it yet? Does it live up to all the hype? Our readers have been discussing this hot topic in our forums. Read some of our posters’ comments below, and then join the discussion to let us know what YOU think.

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Philip: “Yes it does. It could win 7 categories: Picture, Director, Editing, Cinematography, Production Design, Score, Song.”

JB: “Absolutely!!!”

Andrew Carden: “Not quite, though Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are both marvelous. I think the film works much better as a love story than a musical.”

Sasha: “Hahahaha of course it doesn’t. It’s ‘Social Network’ all over again but this time it’ll end up winning BP.”

PJ Edwards: “Yes and no. Yes it was a marvelous film and I really enjoyed it but it didn’t make me feel giddy or nostalgic. I felt more melancholy.”

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ThePerksOfBeingAGriff: “It does! It was exactly what I wanted it to be, expected it to be, and I was happy. Emma Stone may not win this year, but I could see why she could be predicted to be. Her type of performance has won before.”

AviChristiaans: “Nope. And it is evident by the actual response of the general public / and mainstream critics outside of the festival circuit it dominated. Critics sold ‘La La Land’ as this second coming of musicals and old Hollywood classics.”

dinasztie: “I feel it’s a beautiful, loveable and occasionally breathtaking movie and I wouldn’t mind if it won Best Picture.”

GusCruz: “The actual ground reaction is not of marvel and overwhelming awe, as one would expect. The ‘contemporary musical’ concept that director Damien Chazelle believes he’s selling is proving too ‘modern’ for some.”

kaziz: “It does live up to the hype, totally, but if it’s over-hyped before you go in to see it, you expect too much. It’s beautiful and breathtaking.”

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