John Oliver goes to war against InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones [WATCH]

John Oliver has taken on Donald Trump and his associates many times before on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” including his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, who have surprisingly — and inappropriately — high level duties in the White House. On July 30 the late-night comedian turned his attention to someone outside of the official administration, but who has an alarmingly strong influence on the commander-in-chief: Alex Jones, whose “InfoWars” program espouses fringe conspiracy theories that range from the delightfully absurd (tainted water turns frogs gay!) to the utterly cruel (the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting was a hoax!). Watch Oliver’s complete take on the excitable huckster above.

Jones is the “Walter Cronkite of shrieking bat-shit gorilla clowns,” says Oliver. “I know you may be thinking, there is nothing more I need to know about Alex Jones,” but while his crackpot claims have gone viral and earned him widespread infamy and derision — except from those who actually believe this stuff — his finances have been less closely examined. So Oliver follows the money. “There is a piece of context you may be less aware of,” the host explains, “and that’s the nature of Jones’s show itself. It is four hours long, and if you tune into the whole thing your most shocking discovery might be how frequently and shamelessly he pitches products that he sells.”

Oliver discusses Jones’s product line in depth — “Last Week Tonight” even bought multiple items including supplements promoted by Dr. Edward Group III, whose credentials are dubious to say the least. Jones’s products include Caveman True Paleo Formula, “a chocolate-flavored drink mix made from bee pollen, Stevia, and the dust of chicken skeletons … It tastes exactly as good as it sounds.”

But Jones isn’t just selling snake oil. He’s stoking the public’s fears and appears to be profiting greatly off of the proposed solutions he hawks on his online store. Perhaps he’s not the righteous truth-teller he makes himself out to be — but tells that to all the gay frogs.

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