Lennie James (‘The Walking Dead’) on surviving the zombie apocalypse and Morgan’s greatest regret

“[Morgan’s biggest regret is that he] didn’t put a bullet in his wife’s head,” said Lennie James at New York Comic Con when discussing his character’s history on “The Walking Dead.” We met Morgan in the pilot episode as a survivor of the zombie apocalypse agonizing over whether to shoot his wife, who had been turned into an undead walker. “The crux of the dilemma of Morgan’s life is pulling that trigger or not pulling that trigger. He didn’t pull it for the right reasons and he should have pulled it for the right reasons. His boy would be alive now, and his heart would be a little less broken, and he would be a different man.”

James first appeared in “The Walking Dead” as a guest star in that very first episode, and then again in the season three episode “Clear” before returning as a series regular in season six. “I don’t think any of the characters set out thinking they would be the ones who survive,” James explained about the longevity of his character and others who have made it this far. “I think one of the brilliant things about the characterizations in ‘The Walking Dead’ and one of the brilliant things for us as actors is that people have evolved … If it all happened to us now, we don’t know how we would survive the zombie apocalypse. We don’t know what it would bring out of us. And that’s one of the things that has been most exciting about playing the characters is that you get to discover them.”

“The Walking Dead” returned on Sunday, October 22, to start its eighth season with its landmark 100th episode. How do you think Morgan will evolve this year?

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