‘Logan’ opens with ‘Deadpool 2’ teaser starring Ryan Reynolds

While “Logan,” Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine, may not include the usual post-credit extra scene that we have come to expect from the “X-Men” movies, it opens with a 3-minute sneak peek at “Deadpool 2.”


We see Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson out for a stroll one evening along the back alleys of his fair city when he stumbles upon a robbery in progress. With John Williams‘ Oscar-nominated theme to “Superman” swelling in the background, Wilson springs into action.

Well, make that, tries to. He goes in search of a phone booth, intending to change into his Deadpool duds, much in the way that Clark Kent transformed into the Man of Steel. He eventually finds one (hidden among its graffiti is the name Nathan Summers, the alter-ego of Cable, who will join Deadpool in next year’s sequel).

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Trying to change quickly, Wilson is stymied by his form-fitting gear. As he wriggles his way into his suit, he hears a gunshot. When he finally makes it back to the scene of the crime, the robber is long gone and his victim lays dying.

Rather than head off in pursuit of the killer, Wilson decides to try and discover what the robber was after. As we see him emptying out the contents of a grocery bag, Deadpool deadpans to the victim: “You know who would have been able to save you? Logan. He doesn’t have to change into anything. All he wears is jeans and a tank-top.”

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