Melissa McBride (‘The Walking Dead’) on Carol’s ‘faith’ and if she’s ready to keep fighting in season 8

Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) has undergone one of the greatest transformations on “The Walking Dead” over the past seven seasons. She’s one of the few cast members who has survived since the first year, so she has actually had a chance to grow and change. She started as a meek woman and a victim of domestic abuse. But she has transformed into a formidable warrior willing to do whatever it takes to survive and protect her community. However, McBride herself doesn’t think Carol has necessarily changed all that much since day one.

“There’s really nothing that early Carol didn’t know that Carol now knows. I just don’t think she ever had faith,” said McBride when discussing the series at New York Comic Con. “It took this apocalypse for that to happen. I think this Carol would just say [to her previous self,] ‘Hang in there, have faith in yourself, and trust.'” But while Carol has discovered a core of strength that has made her a fighter, she has also come to question the violence that she herself has undertaken. So will she be prepared to go to war against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in season eight, or will she continue to be ambivalent about killing? “There may be a bit of both,” McBride revealed. “We’ll see her fight because she has to, but that doesn’t mean she wants to.”

“The Walking Dead” returns for its eighth season on October 22, and its season premiere will actually be its milestone 100th episode. Reflecting on the longevity and popularity of the series, McBride noted the community of fans: “We’ll go to some of the conventions and people that have met each other from around the world that never would have had they not had the show in common.” Those fans will get a chance to reconnect again starting this weekend for another year of the zombie apocalypse. Are you looking forward to the new episodes?

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